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Not Just Another Hacker/Scammer Report

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Do you know how many people I have seen being scammed or about to be hacked? So many I couldn't count! It's frustrating to finally have 1,000 clams or your favorite hair you have been saving for and then get it taken away by a random Whyvillian who couldn't seem to get the clams or hair on their own. It's sad when you hear of all the people who have had their accounts taken or clams jacked from their hands.

I bet you have heard it a million times or more by Whyville, friends, and even your parents, don't tell anyone your password! This could ruin your Whyville life. Here are some things you should watch out for and some tips to keep your password secret.

Watch Out For:

1. Hackers: They are around every corner with tricks up their sleeve to get your password and take your account. They come up to you and tell you to space out your password and it won't show it. They show you but you don't know their actually typing in asterisks. Example: * * * * * * * If you do type it spaced it shows! Example: B A N A N A 2 5 Or dare you to tell them. Some just ask politely to take a few clams from your account so they can buy a shirt that they have "longed" for.

My Tip: Don't fall into their trap! It will just cause trouble in your life. If someone asks for your account password say "Sorry I don't let people hack me" and then 911 report them right away before they find another victim. Don't even give it to your friends. It doesn't matter who they are because they have the power once they have your password.

2. Scammers: Scammers are almost as bad as hackers. They ask you if they could have a few clams for a item at Akbars or they persuade you to give them some clams in a clamgram and tell you that they will send the shirt you asked for. They have tricks and they can get people right into the palm of their hand. They aren't idiots either. If your username is LadyBug your password must be LadyBug. Don't do that.

My Tip: The only safe place to trade is the Trading Post. If you don't have 5 clams to trade just wait until the next day. Don't fall into their hands and let them control you. 911 report any scammers that happen to victimize you or anyone you see. Make your password something random and hard for people to just guess out of the blue. Scammers will have a hard time guessing a password like 42asd5186sdfa not LadyBug.

3. MakeOver?!?!: One day your sitting in a Checker Room and a very stylish Whyvillian comes up to you and says, "Oh my gosh I think you need a few new items to look really good so you can win some Beauty Contests and such!" You being a naive Newbie say, "Why yes I do need some new parts!" The stylish Whyvillian says, "Oh I can give you a few and give you a whole new look. (This is that line that gets you!) All I need your password." Again the naive Newbie says, "Sure its L a d y B u g." Now that's when it happens. You log out and about 20 minutes later you think they must be done and so you log in once again. But wait! Why won't my password work?? I bet i just typed it in wrong or I put caps lock on. Well I'm sorry young one, you didn't type it in wrong or have caps lock on. No, no it's much worse. You have been hacked. The stylish Whyvillian has just taken your password, logged into your account and changed your password. You didn't even have a chance.

My Tip: Don't Let them take advantage, keep your password in your mind and don't ever let it out. Also to be extra safe change your password periodically. Thats so you don't have the same password for a "stylish" Whyvillian to remember and keep hacking you with out you knowing. Soon all your clams are gone and you have no idea what happened.

4. Hey I'm a City Worker!: When a random Whyvillian comes up out of the blue and tells you "Hey I am a city worker and I need your password so we can check your account. We have already helped so many people and you should do this too!" DON'T TRY IT! Unless they have the "City Worker Beanie Hat" They are certainly not a city worker. And city workers won't ask for your password anyways.

My Tip: They aren't telling the truth. Don't believe them. City workers always have the beanie hat on and never ask for your password anyways so please don't fall for that one.

5. Hey "Best Friend!": You may have 1 friend on Whyville or 200 but no matter how good of a friend someone might be they still might have that greedy side that wants all those clams you have. Don't listen when they say "I'm your best friend (or boyfriend/girlfriend) so we can share accounts!" It's that time when they steal your account and all those things inside.

My Tip: They may be your "Best Friend" or you "BoyFriend/GirlFriend" but they aren't your "TrustFriend!" Don't trust anyone who is online. Your "best friend" could have gotten hacked and their "hacker" could have been talking to you and said "Hey best friend it's me! Can I have your password so I can make a facepart since you have a whypass??" Then your mind leads you to think it's your best friend and you agree and tell them. Don't try it just to see if I am telling the truth because it does happen!

6. It's a Real Login I Swear!: No it's not! You have just been hoodwinked by the oldest trick in the book. When you go to login but it's not the "real" login. It's actually a guestbook where it saves your username and password.

My Tip: Always go to www.whyville.net/smmk/nice and nowhere else. If it doesn't say that in the address bar then you aren't in Whyville. Your in FauxWhyville.

7. FREE ACCOUNT FOR SALE!: No it's not a account that you will have for long. They will give you the account name and password and you will sign in. Right away you will change the password but wait! You have forgotten to change the emails! Well there is the problem. The old user has just gotten the password you changed it to and so he logs back in and changes it. Then soon enough he tries that same password for your account. If he is in you just lost 2 accounts.

My Tip: Keep your password different for everything. Also don't take any accounts from other people. Make your own. And keep the password different.

8. (Yet to be proven of existence) Software: There is unfortunately hacking software which can get into accounts on a bunch of different websites. Most sites have prevention against it including Whyville with the the "30 Second rule" but unfortunately it's still there. Also, there are people who can "key log" which means that they can track where you're going and what you're typing to see what you're doing and what password you type in.

My Tip: There actually is no proven way to stop this one. Just remember don't reply to chain letters, scam emails, or anything that includes taking your password.

9. I'm a Newbie give me some clams!: This one is used way to much and I have been a victim of this one. Some really are Newbs needing some clams but Whyville isn't a site for cheating. It's a way to learn new things and Newbies have to learn the same things us Oldbies did. They have to figure out games and how to earn clams on their own with a little help from Y-Mail helpers and the WhyvilleTimes articles. If a Newbie is asking for clams don't give them any because your just helping them cheat.

My Tip: Stay smart and if a person who claims to be a "Newbie" asks for clams and you see in their city records that they earn more then 100 clams a day, then you know that they are just trying to see how many clams they can get from you. Don't give clams to real Newbies either. Like I said, they have to learn and earn on their own.

10. Whypass for Sale press 222!: Don't press those three buttons that could ruin your Whyville account! They say they are selling a Why-Pass but it's not true. It works so much in Whyville because of Why-Passes being so high in demand that people will do almost anything for a cheap one.

My Tip: Don't even think about trying to buy a Why-Pass with clams! It may cost some mulah for it but the only true way to get a Why-Pass is through Paypal or using a credit card in the Whyville Store.

Knowing these Ten "Scams" could ruin or save your live, if you know how to stop it. Remember, hackers aren't just Newbies or poor people. They can be a rich person, a Oldbie, or even someone you look up to. Have you heard the term "looks are deceiving"? Well it is very true in the world today. The person sitting right next to you in the Sun Roof or the person you just traded with yesterday could be a hard to catch hacker who has been on the run since the day Whyville was open to the public. You thought you knew everything about hackers and how their minds worked. Well you don't. Not even I, who has given these wonderful tips, knows how a hackers mind works and why they do this. But just know that a hacker could be anywhere and they don't care if they "hurt your feelings", all they want is your password.

This is MooFrost saying "Watch your back and you password."


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