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Think Before You Petition!

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Think Before You Petition!

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What is a petition? Well, according to the Merriam Webster's dictionary, the best discription is either "an earnest request; something asked or requested" or "a formal written request made to an official person or organized body (as a court)".

Ok ok, I know that's probably reeeally boring, me throwing dictionary definitions at you, but I have a point. My point is, is that if you go look at the petitions, at least half of them are bribes, repeated, or are innapropriate!

No, I don't mean they are swearing and stuff, but a lot of them aren't even petitions! On Sunday, June 3rd, at approximately 8:30 Whyville Time, there was a grand total of 15 of the kind of "petitions" that I am talking about. All of them except for 2 were "I need a bf/I need a girlfriend". People, that does not belong in petition. They belong somewhere else!

It's bad enough that there are about 5 billion "I need a boyfriend/I need a girlfriend" notes on the bulletin boards, but as petitions? Puh-leeze! (If you have/are planning to make a petition about that sort of thing, think again and read the first paragraph.) That is just not a petition. It is not an idea, but a pathetic request for... well to tell you the truth, I don't know... I guess it's a cry for someone? Anyways, those other 2 were "so-and-so is a ******* liar" and the other one was just a bunch of gibberish.

Another thing I noticed was that people are trying to bribe others by saying "SIGN THIS PETITION!! GET __ FOR SIGNING!!! I AM A MILLIONARE!!! I CAN PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!". This is wrong!! People should be signing a petition because they agree with it and it's what they want, not because they think they can get money! This isn't fair to the honest, original people making petitions because they want to improve Whyville. Last time I counted, there were 13 petitions ranging from "I will give you 5 clams if you sign this" to "I will give you 5,000,000,000,000 clams if you sign, I can afford this". You can afford giving out five hundred million clams to anyone? That is not possible!

There are also tons, I mean TONS of petitions that just repeat what other people have already said. I don't know how many of them are about more clams for newbies and more plots, but it seems endless. I'm sure a third of the petitions are all the same or repeated.

Why do I care? Because I want to see good petitions, ones where it seems like people are actually getting new ideas that would make Whyville better. Having hundreds of useless petitions take up computer memory, for both the Whyville staff trying to update it, and for Whyvillians trying to see the petitions.

Sorry this is so long, but I think this is something people have to realize about petitions.



Level-Headed Citizen

Hay this is Psycochic ya'll! I'd just like to say, these petitions are getting out of hand. People are not thinking before they write them.

Take for example, giving newbies 1000 clams to start off with. This is ridiculous! And it also defeats the whole purpose of earning a salary and figuring out how to get clams. If we all started off with that many clams, everything would be sold out, all the houses would be bought, everyone would be a member of Club Y, etc, etc. People, you have to think before you speak. Sure it sounds good, but it would be a disaster for our town, and it would ruin our fun!

Another thing, people put advertisements for themselves in there. I think this is just wrong, because it has nothing to do with our town, and it's not helping us either. If you really want to find a b/f, you should go out and look, or post an ad in the bulletin boards. The petitions are supposed to be used for your ideas on how to help our town, not on how to help your love life.

Also, look over the petitions a few times. Try and see if somebody has already used "your idea". Don't make a million petitions about stuff that's already there. Most likely, if somebody else used that idea, sign their petition, and your idea will happen faster.

Thanx for listening, and I hope you thought this through for the next time you write a petition. Remember, the petitions are for Whyville, not for your personal needs.




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