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Narcissus and Echo

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Narcissus and Echo

Guest Writer

This story takes place in Ancient Greece. Not many men or even gods were as handsome as young Narcissus. One day Narcissus was roaming the forests with his hunting companions, when he was spied upon by the watchful eye of the nymph Echo.

Echo once loved to chatter, but then she got rude and started interrupting people. Finally, she started being rude to Hera (the #1 Goddess), too. Hera was so mad that she cursed Echo so she could only repeat the last few words she heard.

Ashamed of herself, Echo hid out in the woods. When she first saw the handsome Narcissus, she fell love with him right away. One day Narcissus wandered away from his group, so Echo finally got the courage to try to talk to him.

Narcissus sees her and says, "Who are you?"

"Are you," she replies.

"I asked you a question!" he yells.

"A question!" she answers.

"Is this a joke?" he asks.

"A joke," she answers.

He pushes past her. "I would die before I would have you near me," he mockingly yells over his shoulder.

Heart broken and embarrassed, Echo goes to hide in a cave and in her mind she makes a prayer to the gods. Echo wasn't the first one to have her heart broken by Narcissus so the gods granted her prayer.

Meanwhile, Narcissus, tired and thirsty from hunting, sat down by a pond to drink. When he bent over to drink, he saw his reflection and fell in love with it. He sat there looking upon his reflection forever, and his body withered away into the stem of a flower, a white beautiful flower which sits on the bank of a pond and bends towards the water.


This myth tells how the flower named Narcissus was made -- there really is a flower called a Narcissus. The word Echo also comes from this story. Hope you liked it!




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