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What's Wrong With WASA

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What's Wrong With WASA

Astro25 & Astro26
Guest Writer

An Open Letter To City Hall

Dear City Hall,

Now, I'm just a person who enjoys Whyville to socialize and stuff. It took me until now for me to I realize that WASA is something that may make Whyville easier. But may I remind you that our Whyvillians are tossing 100's of clams worth of projectiles every day to play this?

It seems to me that if the anti-grav chamber only increases your pay by one clam it will take 100 days (1/3 of a year!) to recover those lost clams for projectiles. I guess though that thousands of Whyvillians only buy about 70% of their projectiles just for play (I've checked my resources).

Well, I'm still anxious to try it out but I was wondering, Is this another way to waste our Whyvillians' Clams? I have visited to WASA myself to find enjoyment of your newest project, but to my amazement and shock, I have found myself watching Whyvillians wasting projectiles.

Well, that's not really so bad, but why projectiles? Is this another way to spend and waste our clams? In order to use WASA (which was entertaining) I was forced to buy almost 100 projectiles. It took me till now to realize what was happening.

Don't get me wrong here, but this is not really fair to some Whyvillians. WASA itself is great -- we learn what will happen up in space: loss of friction and no gravity and physics of Newton's 3rd law. But is this really right to force Whyvillians to spend clams? I do not agree with spending clams for projectiles.

With all due respect, City Hall and fellow workers of Whyville, I do not agree with spending clams for this chamber. I bid you all farewell and thanx for continuing to work to improve Whyville!

Astro25 and Astro26, on behalf of Carson and Brian (the two guys who share the Astros)



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