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Rocketry Made Easy

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Rocketry Made Easy!

Science Writer

I, Andy109 wrote this article to help you with the WASA Rocketry Levels. I've gotten quite good, and have a great set up. Heck, I have a rocketry licence.

Before you can launch any real rockets, you take simulation tests.

Test One: Just try to get your rocket off the ground.

Tip One: Remember, the more fuel you use the faster your rocket goes, but, the more powerful the gravity is pulling your rocket down.

Test Two: ????

Tip Two: The size of the nozzle is very important! The smaller and thinner it is, the more direct the energy is. But the smaller and thinner it is, the more the energy bounces off the walls of the nozzle and goes slower. Look for the happy medium.

Test Three: Get your rocket to the height of the station.

Tip Three: Which engine to use? German V2? Or Space Shuttle? Test both and see what each can do that the other one can't. HINT: The Space Shuttle is more modern technology.

Test Four: Get your rocket to land on the space staion. You must get there on time, and slow enough so the rocket can dock. Do you want a 3578 km/m rocket to land on a ship?

Tip Four: If your rocket arrives late, try and add more fuel, if too early, remove fuel.

Test Five: Get your rocket to land on the space staion. You must get there on time, and slow enough so the rocket can dock. But this time you must carry at least 5 oxygen canisters. The whole point of this mission is to carry oxygen canisters to the space station!

Tip Five: The oxygen canisters add more drag and gravity. Watch out!

After that you get your rocketry licence. From there on, my friend the "rocket lady" will tell you your final mission.

I'm on my way to deliver canisters! Come and join me, cadets!

When I wrote this, I also had my own "rocketry club." The details were: to sign up, Y-mail Andy109. We share our secrets of rocketing. You also get first dibs on special rocketry merchandise. (You must have a rocketry licence to apply!) Our first project will be to get a new club name! This club no longer exists, but you can start your own!

And, if you still want to help deliver canisters but you're not very good at launching the rockets, you can send a donation to the "rocketry club" and we'll buy oxygen canisters and send them for you.

After the Space Station is ready for vistitors, we'll send in an article with the names of all the donors.


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