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Taking Back the Times

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This is the ultimate guide to the Whyville Times. No, I'm not here to repeat the process of sending in your articles. I think all of us have heard that a few to many times, or memorized it by heart. In this article, I want to take you through what the Times is like today, how to handle the criticism if your article does get in.

Let's get this show on the road!

Most of us through a few BBS's have formed the opinion that the Times has gone downhill since Bigfoot left. Is that all the Editor's fault? I suppose the Editor should do the spell check and such, but we wouldn't have to worry about that if we all ran a simple spell check on our article before sending it in.

Then there is the other matter of lower quality articles getting in. I'm sure there are many people in Whyville who can write extremely well, but don't send any articles in. And there are the people who can write very well, and their articles don't get in. This bothers me. Lately, in the Times, I've mostly seen science, fact, and event articles get in our newspaper. Not too many opinionated or debate articles show up. That's one of my pet peeves, too. What the Times needs is a spice, and bit of opinion. I wonder if the Editor is afraid to let those kinds of articles in because of an argument that would show up? I think that's what our BBS's needs, is a little high quality bickering over a well-written article.

My solution? People spend more time and thought on their articles, and we wouldn't have such a problem. Also, the people's writing that does get in the Times should try to go on an adventure with their articles. Do something daring. Different. You won't believe the kind of difference it makes. Also, fictional and series stories in the Times are an excitement. I haven't seen a fictional in creative writing in so long. So, Whyville. Let's take our Times back, shall we?

Now, for new writers, getting your first article in the Times is quite a shock. It was for me. You get the criticism, and the compliments of you fellow Whyvillians. That can boost up your writing ego, or make it take a dramatic turn. Remember: You worked hard on that article, and it got in. You got that far, and it really doesn't matter what anyone else says, as long as you're in peace with your inner writing self. Of course, there are going to be a negative posts in the BBS's. There always are. I actually start some of those posts that get me chewed out. But that's normal. Just take their opinion and respect it. Of course, you can stick up for your article, but sometimes, someone has something to say, and you need to let him or her say it. So, when you send your articles in, be ready for anything. Especially the positive comments.

So, keep writing, and take that edge to your articles. It will be worth it for the readers. Remember: There are no rules in writing. Make it yours.

Rock hard, and write hard,


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