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Scions Show Invisible Whyvillians

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Ah, nothing like another day in Whyville. Just hanging out with my friends in our favorite chat room.

But my friend Bay wasn't in the mood to just sit and chat. She wanted to go for a Scion ride. So we all went into Whyville Square and I invited all of my friends into my newest car.

That's when we saw her. At first we thought we must've been mistaken, but if you're like me and you've been a loyal Whyvillian for almost three years, you know there's no mistaking a City Worker beanie.

We were a little freaked out. The CW was in Whyville Square, where we had been only seconds earlier. We were all eager to go talk to her, so I quickly typed in "goto whyville square". That's a U-turn, isn't it?

When we arrived back in the Square, there was no CW in sight. Had we just missed her twice?! So we hopped back into my Scion. And wouldn't ya know it -- we see her again.

That's when we realized that we had stumbled onto a glitch. CWs have the ability to turn invisible while in chat rooms, as most Whyvillians know. However, apparently when you're driving by in a Scion and you're seeing the people in the rooms you pass by, if there's a CW in there hiding, they will still be visible to anyone in the car.

This got us really, really excited. My buddies Bay, Kels, and Mel and I spent several minutes in Whyville Square yelling at thin air (or what seemed to be thin air, anyway). Unfortunately it was a stubborn CW, and no matter how much we pleaded with her she would not show herself.

At one point I began to feel curious about which CW we were even talking to, so I took a trip to City Records and just started typing in names of all the female CWs I was aware of, until I found one that looked like the one we kept seeing in my Scion. It didn't take me very long before I discovered it was Lovedyed.

I went back to Whyville Square and told my friends so we could start calling her by her name instead of addressing her as "Mrs. CW", like we'd been doing. In the end our pleading still got us nowhere. Lovedyed stayed firmly invisible, and everyone else in the room kept asking us what on earth we were talking about. Ah well. The experience might have been frustrating, but it was also pretty fun.

I haven't enjoyed a glitch this much since we used to be able to decorate the gray strip on the wall in the Why House!

This is Kimker, signing off.


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