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Wow. That's the only word I could come up with after I read City Hall's y-mail about the new magazine. Wow. Of course my second thought was, "How will this blow over with the rest of the Whyville world?" So I decided to ask around in different rooms. I started off at the Beach, where I met nicebuty2.

katluvr11: Have you heard of Whyville's new Magazine, The Whyville Dispatch?
nicebuty2: Yes.
katluvr11: Do you think it is a good idea?
nicebuty2: No.
katluvr11: Why not?
nicebuty2: I just don't.
katluvr11:Will you subscribe?
nicebuty2: I just don't like the idea.

After speaking with nicebuty2, I went to the Trading Post, and met moreplz. It was crowded, so we went to Earth.

katluvr11: Have you heard about Whyville's magazine, The Whyville Dispatch?
moreplz: Yeah.
katluvr11: Do you think it is a good idea?
moreplz: Well, isn't it why we have the newspaper? But no I don't think it is a good idea to have the Whyville Dispatch.
katluvr11: Why not?
moreplz: Because that is what the newspaper is for.
katluvr11: Will you subscribe?
moreplz: Yeah, I suppose.

No one had a positive opinion for the Whyville Dispatch so far, so I set off in search of someone who liked the idea. Finally I found lovbug44 at waterfall. Once again, it was crowded, so we met up at Airfield.

katluvr11: Have you heard of Whyville's new magazine, The Whyville Dispatch?
lovbug44: Yes.
katluvr11: Do you think it is a good idea?
lovbug44: Yes very good.
katluvr11: Why?
lovbug44: Because so that kids can read magazines and stuff. I think it's cool.
katluvr11: Will you subscribe?
lovbug44: Yes.

Nestor95, who was also in the room at the time piped up during the interview with lovbug44. He said this in reply to the questions I asked lovbug44.

Nestor95: Yeah I have heard of it, I think it is cool, but I wonder if they will like sell it in stores and stuff.

When I asked him if he would subscribe, he said yes.

As for me, I think it would be awesome if Whyville had their own magazine. I will definetly subscribe to it, because I want to write for it. This is a much better way to fund Whyville, than say, Clam Store.

Signing off,
*Ollie* Aka, katluvr11

Editor's Note: Whyville Dispatch is a free magazine. The first issue, available in late March 2007, will be distributed to all middle schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Each issue will also be available for free online in Whyville.

The content focus of the Whyville Dispatch is primarily health, fitness, and education, and will include some lifestyle articles too. Every issue of the Whyville Dispatch will include articles written by Whyvillians but most of the articles in the Whyville Dispatch will be written by adults. The Whyville Times, on the other hand, is the online newspaper of the Whyville community, written by and for Whyvillians.

The Whyville Dispatch is not going to replace the Whyville Times. Although each publication has a different focus, both publications contain articles written by the citizens of Whyville and will be available for everyone to read and enjoy.


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