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Star's Newbie Survival Guide

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Hey, GotItAll7 here. I was looking at the ideas for articles for the Whyville Times, and Idea #4 was "how-to guides on how to enjoy Whyville and do well." Well, I got an idea, I'd write up a "Newbie Survival Guide!" I am using things I've heard and things I've experienced firsthand to make this survival guide for the newbies.

1) Some Whyvillians will call you a "Newbie" or a "Newb" in a mean way. If this happens to you, just leave the room. And don't forget about those safety tools! Click on that telephone booth above the bus, and it will take you to a place where it tells you about "Vaporizing" and stuff like that . . . just remember, 911 Report is only if they threatened you or made you feel unsafe.

2) If you pass your Chat License Test, you'll get 25 clams. If I were you, I'd use these clams on face parts. Go to Akbar's Face Mall, and find the Bargain Basement. These are cheap parts to get you started. Or select a price limit on the regular face parts. Either way, you'll get some cheap parts. Or you can go to Grandma's and maybe she'll have some free parts for you. Just keep in mind that the cheap parts are not exactly considered the best ones, so you might want to get started on your salary so you can have clams for awesome face parts.

3) To get started getting a salary, click on your Satchel, that little red bag above the bus. Click on Ledger, then Salary Ledger, and you'll see games that you can play to raise your salary. (Hint: Spitzer Spectrum is good for raising your salary 4 or 5 clams, and Getty ArtSets is a good way to raise your salary, too!)

4) Once you've saved up some clams, you can buy nicer face parts! Just try setting limits on how many clams you can spend when you go shopping so you don't end up broke!

5) Once you feel confident about how your Whyville character looks, it's time to go to the beaches! Try North Beach, South Beach, and the Waterfall, you can meet other Whyvillians there. Just don't give out any personal information.

6) Go on your City Records page! Just select City Records on the Bus Menu, and type in your Whyville account name, click Search, and update your message. If you want to see other Whyvillian's names, type in their account names on the City Records Search page.

7) If you need any help with Whyville, just y-mail me. If you want to be friends, just y-mail me. If you need free face parts, just y=mail me. I can't promise I'll always have face parts, and I can't promise that I'll always say that you can have a certain face part, but I might have a face part you want that I'm willing to give away! All you need to do to find out if I will give you a face part is ask!

8) Go to the Newbie Help Center and Y-mail Helpers place, those are good places to get help.

9) Get active on Whyville! Start your own poll at the poll booth. Make friends. Submit your own article to the Whyville Times. Join the Street Team (Go to City Hall, then find Street Team HQ.). Whyville's awesome. Do your part to make it even better.



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