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Miss O and Friends

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You've all probably checked your y-mail and seen the Miss O and Friends link , no? Well how many of you have actually clicked it? I bet a lot of you haven't, especially boys because the slogan is "By Girls...For Girls". Well, sorry boys but this article probably isn't going to interest you, but if you want to read it no one is stopping you.

Here's a little background information about this awesome website. The pages you can visit include: Games, Create, Music, Shop, Scoop, and Contests. In this article I'll tell you about each page.

Games: There are a variety of games available to play. Some of them include crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, quizes, word search, interesting places, sudoku, hazardous city parts 1 and 2, ant bully, match it, and reality check quiz.

Create: This name is kind of vauge. In this page you can dress up miss o and her friends, you can make a poll, you can be a fashion stylist, or you can even create a magazine.

Music: In this you can listen to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus ( one of my favorite bands!), Ciara, Ashley Tisdale, etc., mostly pop music, but there are a few others.

Shop: You can buy a variety of books, jewlery, hair accesories, room decor, etc. And it's not exspensive either!

Scoop: This has news about movies, celebritys and pretty much anything you can think of.

Contests: The current contest is to win an Ashley Tisdale cd. (Sorry to say it won't be one I'm entering)

That's about all there is to Miss O and Friends. I hope this article gets Miss O some new members!


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