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My Day in Whyville

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My Day in Whyville

Guest Writer

Note from the Editor: Last week's article by Biscuit has inspired us to start a new column in the Times, to be called Whyville Diaries. Submit articles describing how you spend a typical day in Whyville. With enough entries, we will turn this into a contest with clam prizes and trophies!

I sign on, and go to the Pool Party. I join in a chat, or just start one. When I'm done there, I go to the WASA and do the Zero Gravity Levels. I leave there, and raise my salary. I go back to the Pool Party, and chat some more.

I then go to Akbar's Body Parts and improve my face. After that, I go to the Projectile Shoppe to restock so I can start a projectile fight. Then after I have the fight, I go to the Furniture Farm and buy furniture for the house I live in.

After, I go to Club Why and chat there. Then I chat and have meetings and later I sign off. That's what I basically do every day I go on Whyville.

This is Tami15 signing off.


Guest Writer

Hey this is fetus and I was reading the Whyville Times when I heard them asking for our daily routine so here it is.

I come on in the morning and log in. Next I decide to check my mail because I always have mail. Next I get out of my P.J.'s and check to see how many clams I have. Then I like to go to WASA to check out the rockets I've built and I might buy some canisters then I say goodbye to the rocket lady and leave.

Next I like to go to the pool and have a conversation with my friends or some complete strangers. I go shopping in Akbar's looking for some new parts to make me look better {though it's impossible}. And if it's Thursday I go to read the Whyville Times and I go to City Hall to sign the petitions and vote. And when the day is done I save the best for last and have a big projectile fight with everyone!!!

Well that's my day as fetus, a young citizen Of Whyville!!!




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