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Another Honor Roll

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Another Honor Roll

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Hi, My name is Malike, an I've been on Whyville for about 4 months now. Recently, an honor roll came out, and a couple of people were missed, people who aren't recognized much.

I've asked around, and I've got a couple people who I think deserve to be recognized. First is BmxKing -- He's always willing to lend a helping hand, he isn't like everyone else, he's nice to newbies. Quotes from other people: "Bmxking is a great friend, he's always helping other people!"

Second is Nicole29 -- Nicole29 is another helpful, respectful person. Quotes from other people: "Nicole29 has been a friend since i started on Whyville, she's helped me a lot, she's a GREAT friend."


Our next person is Wobey, who happens to be a friend of mine, and all I have to say about her is that she is a great friend, she has all the qualities in a friend that's you definately want to have.


JKkidz -- I've heard good things about her. She isn't around Whyville much; she's quiet, and keeps to herself, but she is always donating to Grandma, every chance she has!


Lazzie -- Lazzie is a pretty good friend, who has a big heart. Every little while, I get a poem in my inbox, written by Lazzie -- she's a great poet.


For my last person, well actually last two, I had sexyHilda recommend them. They are Abagail and Bluangel3. Here's what sexyHilda had to say: "I nominated them because they're good people, and they deserve some respect."

That's all the people I got, I'm very sorry if I missed some people, but the way I see it, everyone in Whyville deserves respect, no matter what you look like, how long you've been here, how much you make, or how much you have.

I just wanna sign off sayin, "Respect everyone in Whyville, even if they're not as cool as you are!" Thanx for listening!



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