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We're Going Red

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Red? Yes, Red. Red has always been a color in our world, surrounding us. How about that red apple sitting on the table? The red carpet Keira Knightly walked down on the Golden Globes. The red ford fusion on the street. Red will always be a well-known color in our world, but now red is taking on a whole new meaning!

I'm moving quickly to another subject, but Red is coming up very soon.

Most of us have heard about what is going on in Africa. It's sad to hear all the hardship in parts of this beautiful country. There is of course, hunger, homelessness, and mostly lack of medical attention. HIV and AIDS are two of the most common problems in Africa.

HIV is a virus that steadily weakens the body's immune system until it can no longer fight off infections. Some of those infections are pneumonia, diarrhea, tumors, and things that are common like the flu or a cold. HIV leads to AIDS. Because HIV destroys a body's immune system, people with AIDS are unable to fight back, and usually die within three years of the symptoms starting.

As I said before, AIDS and HIV are huge problem in Africa. One of the biggest harships is when pregnant woman that have HIV give that to their child. Can you imagine being born with HIV? To live like that, knowing you could die any day? People should not have to suffer like that. So this is where Red steps in.

Project Red it is called. And what an amazing project it is. An ever known, comapassionate man started Red. I guess Bono was . . . Inspi(red). Yes. I'm talking about the U2 frontman legend, Bono! Project Red was also created with U2's Bobby Shriver. Now, you're wondering, what exactly does Red do? Well, the men who created Red teamed up with the world's most popular and iconic brands and companies to make a difference. In these businesses, they will have a line of Red products. An average of 50% of the products price is given to help fight AIDS in Africa. Still making not making any sense?

Let's say you go to the Gap. In a section of the store, you see a sign that says "Project Red". Below it will be merchandise that you can buy: Project Red T-shirts, jeans, and watches. The products are very trendy and fashionable, so it's a good deal. You buy a cute Project Red shirt that you adore, and you'll be saving lives. It's so simple. Besides, if you wanted to buy clothing anyway, why not save lives while you're at it? Gap isn't the only business that has teamed up with Project Red. Oh, no . . . you have Armani, Apple, Converse, American Express, and many more.

So, you want a new IPod? Why not go to the Apple store, and buy a sleek red, black, white, or other colored IPod? You get exactly what you wanted, and you supplyed a pregnant woman and the child within her AIDS pills for 2 months. You'd save their lives. And you get a great new IPod. It's a win-win situation, especially for the woman and child you're saving.

You're dying for a new pair of Converses(shoes), and someone in Africa is dying of AIDS. Why not satisfy your wanting, and save that person's life by buying Red Project Converses? (Don't worry. All Red prodects come in any color.)

Every day people in Africa die of AIDS. And every day more people are infected with it. There is so much we can do to decrease the number of people suffering. Shop Project Red. Why not get your father a Project Red Armani watch for his birthday? How about you buy your mother a cute Project Red handbag? I bet your siblings would love a Project Red eletronic from the Apple store? Yes, I know you're not made out of money, but if you were going to buy these products anyways, why not get them Project Red and save lives.

From the Gap, some of my friends got themselves some really great Bono sunglasses. (You know those cool colored, see through glasses Bono wears!) Yes, they were Project Red. And yes, by buying those glasses, I helped save lives.

So get registe(red) on their site, www.joinred.com, and get involved.

Get good products. Give to a good cause. Save Lives.

Let's all Go Red.



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