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It was a crowded room in Club Why, but some civilians such as myself came out early anyways. We asked many questions, and ScyllaCat had all the answers.

The topics ranged from Quills to Clams For Cash, and I plan to describe all of them.

To kick it off, sponsors came up repeatedly. Two big topics related to this were: more cars, and pets! Here's what ScyllaCat had to say about sponsors:

He especially had things to say about pets. I didn't get any pictures, but scyllaCat said that they would definitely need a sponsor. When asked about who could sponsor such a thing, Petco, PetsMart, and other Pet stores could work. Also discussed was how much a sponsor could pay. Look at the pictures above to see scyllaCat's responses. Later in the conversation, the statement above scyllaCat, about the prices, was correct. It was said by the CW himself.

Clams for cash was another topic, but according to scyllaCat, they aren't going away yet. They bring in a good enough amount of money for Whyville. On another note about real-life money related things on Whyville, Lifetime Whypasses are not coming back.

ScyllaCat also did some clarifying while he was there. The subject of confusion? Quills! According to scyllaCat, many have misunderstood the subject. People will not be able to buy an actual Quill, but something very similar. For about 50 clams a day, you'll be able to use preset colors to change the color of your text and the text bubble. Sounds cool right? And if you don't like the preset colors, for a little extra, you can make custom colors.

Also, a new Limited Edition Scion will pop up sometime in the Spring. The color? Well, I think I'll just keep it a secret . . .(think Easter!) However, more basic colors for Scions will probably not come out.

Finally, the question of what's coming next for Whyville was asked. We all know that lately the introduction of Snowboard Mountain, has caused a bit of a buzz (More to it will come soon!), but what is the next big thing? ScyllaCat, circled in red, told us his response:

Signing off!
Ollie (aka, katluvr11)


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