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Change the World: Give Peace a Chance

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But through all of that chaos, there was a voice soaring above the rest. "War is over, if you want it". John Lennon was an inspiration to his time. After his legendary split with the Beatles, he became a voice for the young Americans in a time of turmoil. Nixon was going strong with his plan to keep troops in Vietnam and the kids of the country no longer wanted to fight his fight. Lennon provided a voice for them, a way to speak out and make the government listen.

Violence was never the answer for Lennon. With songs like "Imagine" and "Give Peace A Chance" it was clear that he was game for a new kind of living. All he wanted was some peace, and he made sure everyone knew it. With off the wall campaigns like "Bed Peace", in which Lennon and then wife Yoko Ono stayed in their beds for an entire week, for peace, they began changing the way people thought. A new sort of protest. His ideas were mind boggling and mind changing. The government saw him as a threat, but the youth saw him as a way out.

Could a singer really change the world like that? Most people didn't think so, and still don't. But for the kids who listened to his songs and found hope, he did way more than even he could have hoped. Our country was splitting in two and had been for decades, new ideas were ever emerging. Lennon represented the youth of the nation, even though he himself was almost 40. He embodied the struggle of the people, the voices trying to get heard. A media explosion turned peace maker.

Even though his life was tragically cut short in 1980 by a lunatic fan, his songs are still heard today. And his message is more important than ever. "Give Peace A Chance."



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