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Kingdom Keepers

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Hey this is Nolegirl6 back with another review, this time on a book. And you might have noticed that I'm going to change the title of my reviews to just plain review so you can try and guess what I'm reviewing this time. Some of you when you read the title might have thought Magic Kingdom? Well, yes, this book does have a lot to do with Magic Kingdom, in Disney World Orlando, Florida.

"Kingdom Keepers" is by Ridley Pearson, one of the co-authors of "Peter and The Star Catchers". Ridley Pearson is planning on writing a sequel for this book, or the second one in the series (for those who don't know), and people are thinking of turning this book into a movie.

"Kingdom Keepers" is about five kids who are suppose to save the Magic Kingdom and all of its good characters from the Overtakers. Disney Imagineers have been trying to stop them without help, but they say that to see the characters, including the Overtakers, you must be a character yourself. So, to make these kids characters, they are turned into holograms, who walk around the park giving tours and telling of the Magic Kingdom and everything in it.

The kids need to work together to solve the puzzle of the story, the Philosopher's Quill. The Imagineers have solved half of the puzzle, sun, cloud, wind, and stone. Will the kids figure out the rest? Or will the Overtakers be in control of the Magic Kingdom? Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out

This story is truly left in a cliff hanger, which is why I'm glad Ridley Pearson is making a second one. I'd have to say I give it five stars. Stay tuned for my next review. Here's a hint: A classic Disney story is not only coming out of the vault, but also having the pre-story told. You can post what you think it is in the BBS.



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