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Whyvillian in the Spotlight

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Hey guys, Bratpratt is awesome! On the very first day I logged onto Whyville I just clicked randomly and ended up at Bazaar where I saw Bratpratt. She immediately left and Y-Mailed me, here's what she said:

Hey, I noticed that you are new, and I just wanted to let you know that if you have any questions, I'll be glad to help, I also have lots of extra stuff I'll be happy to send over to you.

As soon as I read that I felt so welcome, I wasn't having the best day so far, and that really made it great. I told her that I already knew who she was, I saw her poem "Lend A Hand" in one of the past articles, and when I created my own account, I named it after her. She is such an inspiration, the things she does at her school, in her town, it's amazing.

Have you guys heard of "Pay It Forward"? Well she wrote a paper, and handed it out to the whole school, and had it in the school newspaper to get people to help out, and stop being mean, like her poem, it was inspired by the movie Pay It Forward, her class watched it, but she was the only one who did something about it.

That's not all she's done, but if I went on, you'd never be able to read this, because I would still be typing it as you read. Later that day I got another Y-mail from her telling me she forgot something, I was like WHAT!? Forget? But here it is:

hey, I almost forgot, I have plenty of clams right now, and I'd be happy to give you some of those too if you want, oh yeah, and if you don't like the things I sent you, I can send you more, I have PLENTY!

See how nice she is, if you are new, and reading this, I suggest Y-mailing her! I'm sure she'd help, and she'd never snap at you. She's always being told she's too nice if that doesn't say something (good) about her, I don't know what would. If you don't think she's right for Whyvillian in the spotlight, you're crazy! She's not only nice, she's pretty too. Bratpratt sent me all the face parts that I'm wearing now, and clams too, she's amazing!

PS. Look up her poem in the Times, "Lend A Hand"
PPS. Bratpratt you rock!


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