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How to Work WASA

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How to Work WASA

Guest Writer

Hi. Dexter123 here and I'd like to talk to you about WASA.

I just managed to get my first shuttle up to the Space Station and when I got there it said that there were only 20 oxygen canisters at the station (the 20 oxygen canisters were the ones I'd just brought up)! I was really surprised that no one else had shot their shuttles to the space station yet. So I decided that maybe some of you didnt understand how. Here are the directions:

  1. Go to WASA.
  2. Wait for the man at the desk to give you your access code to the Rocket Design lab.
  3. There you will see the slot to buy the oxygen canisters right above the computer. You should buy at least 5 or 10.
  4. Complete the 5 levels by clicking on the computer.
  5. After getting your liscense and buying the oxygen canisters, go to the Warp Wagon.
  6. Once in the Warp Wagon, go to the south pole and exit the Wagon.
  7. Once out of the Wagon, click on the rocket in the background where you will wait until the right time to launch your shuttle to the space station.

I hope that this helps you so we can get the 50,000 oxygen canisters up there. If 5,000 us each bring up 10 oxygen canisters we will be able to visit the station! And another cool thing is that you can shoot your shuttle to the space station more than once, so you can bring as many canisters up as you want.

I hope you managed to read my whole article without falling asleep. So see ya and have fun with WASA.




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