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Scion Track Design Contest

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Coming Soon to Whyville -- Car Building and Driving!

Yes, you can get in your Scion now and tour around Whyville, but you're not really driving, are you? But soon you'll be able to build a car and actually drive it around a racetrack!

How well you do on the tracks will depend on what you've built into your car. Did you remember to put in headlights? If not, you'll have a hard time if the track has a dark tunnel. Didn't choose snow tires? Better hope the track doesn't have an icy patch! Got anti-lock breaks? A cow just might run out in front of you...

There'll be many tracks to beat, and they will be full of challenging surprises for you and your car. In fact, you can be sure of that because we're asking all our citizens to help design them. Can you come up with fun and creative challenges that rely on different car parts and accessories?

Some examples:

Car Part or AccessoryTrack Challenge
Anti-lock brakes (ABS)Tacks on the road
Halogen headlightsBlack cows in a dark tunnel
Performance tiresOil slick on a tight curve
Tight suspension???
Performance steering wheels???
For more accessory ideas, visit www.optomizescion.com

Submit as many pairs of car part + challenge as you want. You can even draw us a picture of your dream track that contains all your best ideas. Citizens with the best submissions will win clams and fame. Top prizes include a brand new virtual Scion to show off in Whyville and a track named after you!

Email your submission to racetrack@whyville.net before April 9, 2007 to be a part of this competition.

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