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Twenty in the Playground?

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Twenty in the Playground?

Guest Writer

Hey! Smurfette again! Everybody knows what goes on in the chatrooms during the day, but what about at night? Here is an article for you night owls who want to hang out somewhere cool. OK, well basically I just went around to each chat room to check out what was going on.

The first room I visited was the Playground:
Time I visited: 11:00 P.M.
Number of people at the playground: 20!
What was going on: People seemed to be having projectile fights. I stayed here for awhile to enjoy the fun. So even though the Playground may usually seem dull, at night it the coolest place to hang out at!

The 2nd place I visited was Leila's Pool!
Time: 11:05 P.M.
Number of people: Only 5! (And they were all girls)
What was happening: Nobody seemed to be talking at all. They just kept moving around! You may think the pool is awesome to hang out at, but at night it is sooo boring! I did not stay here long!

The 3rd place I visited was Why Square:
Time: 11:07 P.M.
Number of people: Too many to count!
What was going on: Everyone was like zombies. Nobody even moved!

The 4th place I visited was the Disco, but there was a party reserved (which I was not invited to!)

Next, I visited the Sportplatz:
Time: 11:10 P.M.
Number of people: 5
What was happening: People seemed confused! They just kept saying, "What? Who? Huh? What?" It was kinda weird!

The next place I visited was very strange! It was the Sun Roof!
Time: 11:12 P.M.
Number of people: 8
What was going on: Right when I got in everyone moved away from me! It made me feel really bad. Then they started asking me strange questions like, "Are you a (somethin, I forgot what name they said so I'll just use 'aed') aed?" "In real life? Is aed your name in real life? What is your real name?" And more stuff like that. They kept acting like I did something wrong or was guilty of some sort of crime! I don't think I will be going back there for awhile!

The last place I visited was the Spin Speak at 11:14 P.M., but nobody was there!

OK, this may have been boring for you, but thank you for reading it! I guess Whyville is just reversed at night! Well, I hope this helps you have fun nights now in Whyville!

This is Smurfette signing off!




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