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Hey fellow Whyvillians!

This is Ardua, and today I'm going to be reporting about my latest obsession! Haha. Most of you out there have probably heard of yoga. Unfortunately, though, some of you might only connect it to contortionist weirdos who say "Om," over and over. Well let me tell you -- there's a lot more to it than that. To tell you more about it, I interviewed a friend of mine, who says that she practices yoga regularly.

Before I start, though, maybe you'd like to know a little more about this practice. The idea and main origin of yoga was around 3000 B.C. We're not sure exactly who came up with the idea of yoga, but my sources all say it was more than one person, most likely Indian saints and sages (that's Indians from India, not Native American Indians), uniting to form one main idea that they could create into a traditional practice.

Okay, so to tell you more about it, I'd like to welcome my friend, RnBgrl6.

Ardua: Hello, RnBgrl6!
RnBgrl6: Hi there.
Ardua: So today we're going to be talking about yoga and the benefits of it!
RnBgrl6: Awesome! I'm glad to help.
Ardua: Great! First off, how often do you practice yoga?
RnBgrl6: Well, I try to practice three times a week, but sometimes it only ends up as two.
Ardua: Would you like to explain to our friends about the purpose of yoga and what it really is?
RnBgrl6: Sure! Yoga is basically an exercise and flexibility system, but it does so much more than just stretch you out. It also relieves stress for busy people.
Ardua: I've also heard that yoga can cure illnesses and even some diseases, such as certain cancers.
RnBgrl6: Yes, that's very true. My cousin had a flu and practicing yoga every day rejuvenates the immune system. He got better in just three days!
Ardua: Awesome! Back to where you said, "relieves stress," does yoga do a lot for you in terms of stress-relief?
RnBgrl6: Definitely! Yoga is the first thing I do when I get home from school if I've had a crazy or upsetting day.
Ardua: Me too. I think it helps to do meditation, and stretching out helps me to loosen up a little. So how is yoga organized?
RnBgrl6: Well first off, there are different styles of yoga. There are over one dozen, and they all have some basic similarities, such as the poses, which are mostly consistent through all the styles of yoga.
Ardua: Could you explain what the poses are?
RnBgrl6: Sure! Yoga poses are pretty much just different positions or moves that stretch and flex the body's muscles. To name a few, cobra, cat, mountain, and tree poses.
Ardua: I've heard that different poses can help different systems in your body. Is this your opinion?
RnBgrl6: Yes, definitely. Like I said, the poses my cousin was doing healed his immune system to fight his flu virus.
Ardua: Has doing yoga ever healed an illness for you?
RnBgrl6: Not exactly an illness, but doing certain poses did once get rid of some back pain I had a few years ago.
Ardua: Very cool! And which pose is your favorite?
RnBgrl6: Probably the airplane pose. It's good for building up balance, which I have to have, because I do gymnastics. The airplane pose is up on one knee and leaning forward with your arms outstretched directly behind you.
Ardua: And where can you find a yoga instructor?
RnBgrl6: Absolutely anywhere! There are yoga schools everywhere across the United States and Canada! Or, if you'd rather, you can purchase videos or DVDs of famous yoga instructors.
Ardua: Thanks! Any yoga instructors you'd like to recommend?
RnBgrl6: I like to use Rainbeau Mars and Sara Ivanhoe videos.
Ardua: And what type of people is yoga good for?
RnBgrl6: Anyone! Kids or adults, from ages three to one hundred and three!
Ardua: Awesome! Thanks so much for all your help!
RnBgrl6: You're welcome!

This is Ardua with the latest Whyville Times yoga interview, signing off.


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