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Review: Endurance

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Editor's note: Please join me in congratulating Nolegirl6 for becoming a Whyville Times Columnist. Her dedication to the Times and her desire to write every week contributed to her well deserved promotion. If you would like to become a columnist please submit at least two samples along with a creative title and a reason why you would make a good columnist.

This thrilling "game show" is almost like a kid's version of Survivor. It is called Endurance, and it travels to different places, like Hawaii and the High Sierras. Yes, it's Nolegirl6, back with another review, this one a television show.

Endurance is a show that is on Discovery Kids, which can't be found on the basic plan, but on Digital Cable, Satellite, and other special plans. This season, Endurance: High Sierras, is ending, with it's season finale March 17.

Endurance is a show where teenagers go to compete for Pyramid Pieces, the first team to get all thirteen wins. They start out with twenty players, ten boys and ten girls. Then they do two separate missions, one for the boys and one for the girls. They have to earn their right to move on, and be put on a team. In this first mission, they eliminate two boys and two girls. After this they do another mission, and the winner gets to pick the first team, then that team picks another team, and so on.

Once you are put on a team, you do another mission to earn your color, which could be gray, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, or purple. One team will not earn a color, and will have to go back home. The remaining teams do many other missions, including temple missions. In temple missions, the winning team sends two other teams up to the temple of fate. In the temple of fate, they play a game similar to rock paper scissors, only it's fire, wood, and water. Obviously, the fire burns the wood, so fire wins, the water puts out the fire, water wins, and wood floats on water, so wood wins. First team to pick the winning object wins and goes back with others and keeps playing, while the other team is sent home.

There have been many seasons of Endurance, and there will still be many more to come. To be on this show go to www.discoverykids.com and click on the fan site for Endurance. Then there should be a part on the right side that you click to register for the next season. You must make a five minute video saying why they should pick you for the next Endurance, and fill out a release form.

Hope you have discovered another exciting show, and hopefully I'll bring more to come. This is Nolegil6 signing off, to go watch Endurance: High Sierras.



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