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Introducing: The kajeet Chat Factory

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Are you into being creative and expressing yourself? Now you can have more opportunities to do so with the brand-spanking new kajeet Chat Factory.

Kajeet is a phone company that was created especially for tweens. Anyone who knows kajeet knows that they also specialize in providing tons of options to create unique and personalized phones and phone plans. Now, kajeet is bringing their unique ability to customize communication to Whyville, along with the kajeet Dudes - Obie, Tallulah, Kane, Skratch, Zeo, and Lottie.

With our new kajeet Chat Factory, citizens can decide how they want their chat bubble to look. For 10 clams a day, you can have a pre-designed look, or you can pick and choose to create your own look for as little as 25 clams a day. You'll have the power to pick the color of your font, the type of font, even the color of the bubble background (this premium feature is a little pricier). And if you decide you want to change to something else - no problem. Just come back to the kajeet Chat Factory and get a new look.

Some Whyvillians have been upset about the rumors floating around that the kajeet Chat Factory is selling Quill Powers, making the Whylitzer Prize not as special. I just want to assure you that this is not the case. While both the kajeet Chat Factory and the Whylitzer Quill allow you to change the look of your chat, they are different in important ways. The Quill allows the user to change their font to any of several different colors at any time. With the kajeet Chat Factory, you have more options to choose from, but, whenever you want to change the look, you will have to go the Factory to choose and buy your new look, which will then replace your old one.

I'm sure you'll agree that the kajeet Chat Factory in no way diminishes the honor and reward of the Whylitzer Quill, but is another exciting new way to express yourself on Whyville. So c'mon, everyone, kajeet your chat and let your voice be seen.

For more on kajeet, check out kajeet.com, where you can also click the link to "Dudeworld" for much more about the dudes!

Signing off,

Author's Note: To reactivate your kajeet chat bubble after you've used your Quill Powers, just leave the room and come back.


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