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Abusing Whyville

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Abusing Whyville

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I have a small question. Do you ever walk into a chatroom and people cuss? Now, I know Whyville has done a lovely job of what we call a filter. But people are getting around that quite easily. But anyways... back to my story. You go to the pool, people cuss using various symbols on the keyboard.

Okay, let's say that you are visited by that unexpected 8 year old brother. That 8 year old will see the symbols and wonder, won't he? But what happens when you take action? For that little brother? You warn the people, right? That's the right thing to do... Sometimes yes, people learn their lesson and apologize. But sometimes they don't. They warn you back and you get into a fight over it.

Yes, you people are probably thinking that I'm a loser cuz' I can't cuss along with 'em, but what about that little 8 year old brother? I mean come on! Some of the symbols they use are truly obvious.

Whyville, I'm asking you to take further action. There are grade school classes that come on here. That doesn't look too good when the teacher looks at those symbols. I am not very proud of some Whyville citizens. I think some of you are plain mean, immature, or just passive. Whyville, do something or I will have to take my leave. I am not going to put up with this abuse.

I hope the people who are victims of this, like I am, can come behind me. I hope that the criminals that make Whyville bad learn their lesson soon.

Another thing that worries me is the abuse of the warn button. Ever walk into a chat room, where people aren't cussing, you aren't cussing, but you get that great big yellow slap across the face? Ya know the feeling. Then you ask them, "Hey dude, why'd you warn me?" and then they always have that stupid response of, "You're ugly," or something along those lines. I'm sorry you people have to put up with this. I am sorry I have to put up with this. Sometimes I am sorry that Whyville's such a popular website, yet there's only one or two that always make it bad for everyone.

Okay, I know I am going to get tons of hate mail *sigh* but I'll live with it. We need to solve this problem. In my eyes, I'm wondering to myself, how? How are you going to catch those few... and Whyville you can't but you have to somehow.

Maybe it would be best if Whyville didn't have chat... is that what you people want? That's what I think you are all wanting. You people can't handle being friendly to one another. Maybe that's what you all want. That wouldn't be too bad for me. I mean, the BBS isn't that bad.

Think about it, treat others with respect. Don't fool the filter.

I hope you hate me,




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