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Attack of the Clones

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Imagine this. You sign onto Whyville on St. Patrick's Day, go to the Sunroof, one of your favorite hangouts, and see a bunch of people with clones? At first you think they're all twins on different accounts, but these people have the same names!

Meanwhile, you cannot move, for some reason, and neither can anyone else really, and everyone is piling up in the entering pile. You figure it's just your computer, and you re-enter the room. Then you see a clone of you in the last place that you clicked where nobody was before you left, and you just think, "Wow! This is nuts!"

So then you keep trying to fix it and more clones pop up, and some people end up trying to fill up the whole room with their avatars! It actually turned out to be quite a fun and cool mystery! Here is a picture of it:

Then you see some clones leave for the first time, and some people are re-entering, and then you get kicked out and re-enter, and it looks something like this:

Some of the people left, while their clones did not.

I wonder what caused this, a glitch in the Clover system? Overcrowding on Whyville or the Sunroof? Scylla pulled the power cord again? (Lol! =P)


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