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Important People: China

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Okay, so most people know about famous celebrities from the U.S., right? And you all know about famous people like George Washington and such from textbooks, but how many people know about famous people from across the globe? Today I'm reporting on people from China.

There are many important people around the world, some of which, are from China. There are quite a few, but let's narrow it down to just a few of those people:

Chiang Kai- Shek

Chiang was a leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party, which, later, became known as the Kuomintang Party. He was promoted by Sun Yat-Sen, and rose to leadership of the Nationalist Party after Sun Yat-Sen's death in 1925. He was best known for the defeat of his Kuomintang Party by the Communists in 1949. He and his party were forced to leave the mainland and set up a government in exile Taiwan. He became the leader of the government until he died in 1975.

Sun Yat-Sen

Sun Yat-Sen was a Revolutionary leader of the Chinese Kuomintang Party that overthrew the Manchu Dynasty. Sun was known as "The Father of the Revolution"; he was an superb leader who wanted to unite China under one government. He died of cancer in 1925.

Lu Chen

Here's a slightly more common Chinese star. Lu Chen was a women's figure skater from the 1998 Olympics. Everyone in China loved Lu Chen for her skill and perky personality. She did the best performance in the finals, which was a huge accomplishment for her country, her family, friends, and herself. Though she is very popular in China, her personality brought her fans around the world.

Now you know that not only are there famous people in America, but there are some pretty popular people in China, too.

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