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The computer screen glowed in the darkness. My fingers typed furiously as the girl behind me brainstormed usernames. I checked my watch. It had been 15 minutes. I continued trying out usernames, and she continued blurting them out. Apparently she lacks the need for oxygen. I thought, "Sorry, this username is taken," has flashed up on the screen one too many times for me. I gave a defeated sigh. "One more try," my blonde friend pleaded. My eyes darted around the room until they landed on my mother's coffee supply, on the kitchen counter. The gold brand shone in the computer light. "Gevalia," it said. I typed that word into the username slot, hearing the "Are you crazy?" whispers behind me. Finally, the girl surrendered, and typed in her password. I pressed enter, closing my eyes, hoping it would work. This time, a new message flashed on the screen. We both gave yelps of joy. I lifted my hand behind me, and I felt a soft slap. "Way to go, Teddy!" I laughed. "You've got a Whyville account!"

Teddy. It's a name that has been imprinted in my head since I was five. I remember my father walking me into the Totlot's Day Care. The first thing I did when I walked into the door is trip over the big, fat cat that lived with the instructor of the daycare center. Ouch. Then, the second thing I do is grab the nearest hand and pull myself up. When I refocused, I looked into the eyes of my first friend. Teddy.

Whyville, I think it's time you've met a great friend of mine. Her name is Teddy, and here is a little bit about her.

Teddy likes to laugh. It's just her thing. Laughing 10 minutes on end is about as normal as breathing for her. Anything can make her crack up. From my horrible flipping-over-the-couch skills to a sarcastic joke, she laughs. I guess laughing isn't enough for Teddy, though. Not only can she make other people laugh from her sharp sense of humor, she can make someone else start giggling by her laughing. When she laughs, it's contagious. I can think of at least 12 times that I've broken something from her laughfluenzia.

Teddy's talent at making the room shine isn't her only one. Teddy has an amazing fashion sense, and always puts great outfits together from the drabbest clothes. Also, because Teddy's father works in a really good salon, she can do hair and make-up like a pro. Of course, Teddy loves making herself look presentable, but she also loves to do things for other people. Plenty of things like helping the younger kids at our old day care, Totlots, or giving me a facial. (Whoot!)

Now, I know a personality like that and brains don't usually go hand-in-hand, but Teddy is really smart. She makes sure to point out whenever I make a mistake, politely or not!

One thing that gets people about Teddy is her amazing attitude. She's not afraid to stand out, to make things happen. Teddy is also really honest. She doesn't let me buy anything at the mall that she doesn't think looks good. Of course, I argue my point, but hey, Ted is usually right.

Now, no one is perfect. Of course not. Even my best friend Teddy isn't. She can really be impolite sometimes, but not on purpose. Once she realizes it, she apologizes, but it hurts sometimes, anyways. Also, Teddy can forget things. All of us space at times, so I'm not holding it against her. But even with her flaws, Teddy is the greatest.

She loves music, and movies. Some of her favorite musicians are the Pussy Cat Dolls, My Chemical Romance, JoJo, and Fall Out Boy. Just to name a few. And she also enjoys helping her mother cook. Heck, I like to go over to her house for dinner any chance I get.

Lastly, people love her! It's just her thing. Teddy is a people person. Sometimes, her and I go to the park and just sit there (we have such amazing socal lives). We meet the most fascinating people that way. And to tell you the truth, they all like Teddy 10 times better than me. Why? Because Teddy has that good vibe around her, that just draws people in.

So, for your Whyvillian in the Spotlight, I wanted you to read about Ted-Bomb. One of my best friends, and the source for everything that I need to know. She's there for me. And I think that's far more important than anything else.



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