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The Music Scene

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Lyrics. They are the body of the music we listen to. I mean, yes, the guitar chords and drumbeats are also exhilarating, but what really makes you love the song is the words that the singer is wailing into your ear, correct?

Whyvillians! I usher you into the seventh "The Music Scene". This article will be different from the other ones because this one is not about one band in particular, but about many bands, and their lyrics!

Today you will read bands' lyrics which I, and many others, find inspiring. Okay, maybe not inspiring, but interesting and funny. I tried to hit every genre of music. You will also see what your fellow Whyvillians picked as the "Top 10 Songs of 2006/07". Hey, we can have the Whyvillian Music Charts. Sure beats Billboards! Also, we've asked Whyvllians like you what the worst bands of 2006 were (what band should break up immediately)!

First, I have gathered lines of songs from artists of all genres, with the name of the artist after the lyric, and then the name of the song. I hope you find artists you know, and learn some of their unfamiliar songs, and I also hope you discover some new music you like as well.

"I'm burning in water and drowning in flames, to prove you wrong and scare you away. I admit my defeat and I want back home, in your heart, under the rose." HIM - "Under The Rose"

"I woke up today. Woke up wide awake, in an empty bed, staring at an empty room. I have to blame myself for the state I'm in today. And now dying doesn't seem so cruel. Oh I don't know what to say. And I don't know anyway. Anymore." Kelly Clarkson - "I Hate Myself For Losing You"

"So give me all your poison, so give me all your pills. Give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill. You're running after something that you'll never kill. If this is what you want, then fire at will. Preach all you want, but whose gonna save me? I keep a gun in the book you gave me, hallelujah, lock and load. Black is the kiss, the touch of the serpent son; it isn't the mark or the scar that makes you one. You'll never make me leave; I wear this on my sleeve. Give me a reason to believe." My Chemical Romance - "Thank You For The Venom"

"Is it worth it, can you even hear me? Standing with your spotlight on me. Not enough to feed the hungry, I'm tired and I've felt it for a while now. In this sea of lonely, the taste of ink is getting old now. It's four o'clock in the morning. Each day gets more and more like the last day. Still, I can see it coming, while I'm standing in the river drowning. This could be my chance to break out; this could be my chance to say good-bye. At last it's finally over, couldn't take this town much longer. Being half-dead wasn't what I planned to be, now I'm ready I'm ready to be free." The Used - "The Taste of Ink"

"Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song. You go ahead, let your hair down. Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams, just go ahead, let your hair down." Corinne Baily Rae - "Put Your Records On"

"You're coffee brown, and bubblegum pink, and, oh, I think the shades of you are on the brink of changing how I see the world. I could drown inside a single drop of all the colors that you got, and all the things I'm not. I love your every color." Train - "Your Every Color"

"Sister, I'm not much a poet but a criminal. And you never had a chance. Love it, or leave it, you can't understand. A pretty face that you do so carry on, and on, and on." My Chemical Romance - "Thank You For The Venom"

"The echoes of the past broke the hearts of the unborn, as the Ferris wheel silently slowed to a stop. I kissed you at the apex of a maelstrom, and asked if you would accompany me in a quick fall. But you made me realize this ticket for falling wasn't good for two. I rode alone." AFI -"Untitled"

"Oh, you know I have seen a sky without sun. A man with no nation. Saints captive in chains. A song with no name, for lack of imagination. I have seen darker than ebony." Shakira - "Eyes Like Yours"

"I mean, she even makes me pancakes, and gives me Alka-Seltzer when my tummy aches. If that ain't love then I don't love is. I mean, we even have a secret handshake, and she loves the music that my band makes. I know I'm young, but if I could choose her over the sun, I'd be one nocturnal sun of a gun." Gym Class Heroes - "Cupid's Chokehold"

"Burning up each others love, burning up our lives. Tried all kinds of working out, miracle goodnight. Future full, and empty knocking on my door. Ragged limbed, and hungry mama. Miracle no more." David Bowie - "Miracle Goodnight"

"Forced, force feeding you lines. Feeding you. Look how high I'm jumping from, you'll never make it. I know what it feels like. Giving into something you don't understand." Circa Survive -"Glorious Nosebleed"

"Life is but a dream to me. I don't wanna wake up. Thirty odd years having my cake up." Jay Z - "Beach Chair"

"Sorrow drips into your heart through a pinhole. Just like a faucet that leaks and you find comfort in the sound. But while you debate half-empty or half-full, it slowly rises, and your love is going to drown." Death Cab for Cutie - "Marching Bands of Manhattan"

"Everything you sat to me brings me on step closer to the edge, and I'm about to break. I need a little room to breathe, 'cause I'm one step closer to the edge, and I'm about to break." Linkin Park - "One Step Closer"

"I never wanted to feel like this. I never thought you'd make mistakes like this. It was never that you. And now it's time you knew, I never, ever, do not trust you." Jessica Simpson - "I Never"

"Your famous last words started once your fingers hit the snooze, 'Just nine more minutes please.' They all know where to find me. Every word that I said, what a big mistake, and the ones you left out are keeping me away." Taking Back Sunday - "Set Phasers to Stun"

"Someone falls to pieces, sleeping all alone, someone kills the pain. Spinning in the silence, to finally drift away. Someone gets excited in the chapel yard, and catches a bouqet. Another lays a dozen white roses on the grave." Audioslave - "Be Yourself"

"Can you imagine no love, pride, deep fried chicken? Your best friend always sticking up for you, even when you know you???re wrong. Can you imagine no first dance; freeze-dried romance, five hour phone conversations? The best soy latte you've ever had and me?" Train - "Drops Of Jupiter"

Now, let's see what your Whyvillians favorite songs are!

1. "Lips Of An Angel" - Hinder
2. "Welcome to the Black Parade" - My Chemical Romance
3. "Hips Don't Lie" - Shakira
4. "Chain Hang Low" - Jibbs
5. "Behind These Hazel Eyes" - Kelly Clarkson
6. "Mr. Brightside" - The Killers
7. "Miss Murder" - AFI (I think I tried to virtually hug the girl who first voted that)
8. "How To Save a Life" - The Fray
9. "Public Affair" - Jessica Simpson
10. "Numb" - Linkin Park

Now that we've established what some of our friends favorite jams are, let's see the musicians that we don't think should be putting out records. Don't be offended. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

Paris Hilton
50 Cent (I didn't think that would come up.)
Hello Goodbye
Who Killed Marilyn
Brittany Spears (I laughed at that one.)

There we go. The musicians that should break up immediately. Heck, I don't agree with some of the names up on that list, but Whyville has spoken. But what are some of my favorite artists? You know most of them, but there are a few underground bands I'd like to mention.

Emmy's Fav Underground Musicians:
A Static Lullaby
The Grates
The Format (Semi-underground)
The Sounds
Australian Youth Group
Kingston Falls
The Duke Spirit

And so many more!

So, what are some of your favorite lyrics and songs? What artists do you think should start packing their bags? Your decision, your music, my friends!



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