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Review: Meet the Robinsons

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Hey Whyvillians, it's Nolegirl6 back with another review. Today, I am reviewing Disney's new movie, Meet the Robinsons. Meet the Robinsons is rated PG, and can be seen in either Disney Digital 3-D, or in the normal theater format.

Based on the book, "A Day With Wilbur Robinson", this movie is about an orphan boy named Louis, who is about to turn thirteen, making it hard to be adopted. He shares his room with another orphan, who everyone calls Goob. When the science fair comes to his school, he works night and day to finish his project, which keeps Goob awake.

When Goob stays awake, he falls asleep during his baseball game, and misses he winning catch. Everyone beats him up, and he blames it all on Louis. In the future, Goob wants revenge, so he steals one of the two only time machines in 2030. He goes back in time and steals the invention Louis made for the science fair, then tries to pass if off to Robinson inventions in the future, as his own idea.

When Wilbur Robinson shows up on the Orphanage roof top, he proves to Louis he is from the future, by throwing him over the roof top onto an invisible time machine. When they go back to the future, they break it, and Louis has to try to fix it, without being noticed, at the Robinson's House. When he goes exploring, he meets the grandfather who shows him around, and he meets everyone.

In the end, many surprises are revealed. You'll have to see the movie yourself to find out. This is Nolegirl6, signing off, with another review. And remember: Keep Moving Forward.



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