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Miss Melancholy

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Disarm me, cut off my ability to smile,
So I can see your insides.
Make me melancholy safe.
Safe enough to see your real sadness,
Not the front you show this scene,
But the deep well, and the shallow puddle
Take me into the gray clouds, and the freezing rain.
I want to see it. I want to see you.
Take away the rosy-ness in my cheeks.
Make me melancholy safe.

Your gaze makes me lose my voice,
It's never time to smile unless that smile is in the darkest minute of midnight.
I want to touch you so badly,
It's making my arm twitch with love.

But no can love you, Melancholy.
Is there a killer in you?
Will anyone ever get close enough to tame that beast, and put you at rest?
To tame that twitch that wants to love.
Believe in me like I believe in you.

Show me your cool.
Show me your cold.
Despite all your rage, you are still stuck in that hollow place in your heart.
Take me to that place. Show me the dripping rooms,
And dark voices.

Will you let me experience real sadness?
So I can, too, be that bitterness.
So I can leave the rest of these lovers in denial.

Take away the sunshine from my voice
Take away that orange color that is blooming on my chest.
Make me melancholy safe.
I want to see the real sadness, Melancholy Maiden,
I am ready.
To feel pain, to feel that satisfying feeling of absolutely nothing in my bare stomach.
What is a point going to do?
What I choose is my voice.
To tell you it's okay.
Let me in, Melancholy.

I will never come out,
Huddled in your cold, and your black.
Feeling gray love for you and only you,
I want to stay in the dampness,
Let me stay in your icy fingers.
Miss Melancholy, let me feel what it is like to love you.


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