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A Christian Man

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There once was a man who was plagued with sin,
He didn't know what horrible shape he was in.

One day he decided to give his life to the Lord,
Because he wanted to be with one accord.

Soon the Lord heard his humble cry,
he said, "My child I will not pass you by."

Jesus took away the sin and shame,
he told him to cherish his new given name.

Now go out and serve me as much as you can,
I'll always be around to help you stand.

As the trial and tribulations come and go,
Don't stop calling on my name,
for these things come to help us grow!

If at anytime you think you can't make it,
Remember my words and speak it out bit by bit.
My word will be there to help you stand,
you can't go without it, if you want to be grand.
Today He is still in the Christian race,
For someday he will see the Lord face to face.

Editor's Note: Please be respectful of Brea2013's religious views while discussing this poem in the BBS. Everyone is entitled to what they want to believe and we should be polite of each other in our criticisms. Thank you for your cooperation.


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