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Automatic Romantic

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Grins that stretch for miles
With glints and gleams in glowing eyes
A Valentine's Day duo
And the laughter I was a friend to,
As I helped it escape between your teeth,
Into the air that surrounded me,
Into the joy I thought I'd keep

Hours of talking,
Holding hands, walking,
A million and one things in my head
But I could only think of you

Tell me what happened


Broken hearts and falling tears,
Memories of half a year
Left me to speak alone
With nobody to listen,
With nobody to dream of

I can see the changes you created
With poison lips and snowy skin:
Part of me is part of you now,
I'm not who I used to be

You filled my heart with doubt
You filled my heart with hate

The New Year

Losing patience
As time melts and runs down,
Like water falling from the cliffs,
And my eyes dull from hopelessness


A short burst of direction,
Hands held with unsure intentions
And an automatic romantic
That always gets the best of me

Soon after discovering
The erring of our touching lips
And pretending there's more than this,
As if love is a song called "Kiss"
And we can play it on repeat
Without an inevitable skip

Hey, be my girlfriend

The Undertones

There's an undertone of happiness
That I hadn't noticed up 'til now,
A lack of darkness,
A lack of sorrow,
Coming from the past

When did we become each other?

Open your arms to me, if you will,
And I'll fill them with flowers,
With hearts, with love songs,
And all the other gifts I can give,
And all the words and pictures I can dream,
With you as the inspiration
To my everything

I need to see you again


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