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Making the Band: Part Three - The Gig

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Out of the many definitions of Gig, one stuck out : a single professional engagement, usually of short duration, as of jazz or rock musicians.

The crowed was screaming my name. Over and over. My name. The drummer pounded the bass, Lead riffed a solo, bass headbanged and slammed on this guitar. I stood, keeping rhythm. My face the the microphone, I mouthed the words I was about to sing. Then, I yelled them and the crowd cheered back, repeating my words.

Usually, your band manager will get you hired for a gig. Maybe at the local mall or hangout, maybe at a school dance, or maybe even an awesome club. Here's the way it will most likely work.

First, you'll get hired. That's when a manager or owner asks you to play at their place. They will give you a price too, unless you do it for charity (when you give the money to help people or do it for free).

Then, you'll show up and set up your equipment. This is the part where you will need an adult. Unless you're 16 and you can drive, you'll want to get an older sibling, parent, friend or someone that can drive to help. You'll have to get a trailer or van to lug around your stuff. You'll need each of your instuments, amplifiers, microphones, and wires to hook 'em up with.

Now you're saying, "Great, I don't have the money for that." Think though -- you probably already have most of it if you've been practicing and if you don't, you can probably ask a parent or nieghbor if they do. Lots of people had bands when they were in high school. Hand-me-downs rock because they are free. If you still can't, you can get someone to sponser you. Ask if they would buy you some equipment or let you use their's if you advertise them at your gigs. You would probably go to your local music store to do that. Be sure to ask your parents before you do that though.

Once your equipment is set up, you play. Play your own music, play other popular music that people would like, and play requests. After you play, you'll pack your equipment up and leave. That's pretty much it. Make sure you get paid though, it would be a shame not to.

Any questions? Y-mail them to me and I'd be happy to answer!


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