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The Charistmatic Enigma

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He's one of the few high flyers of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), earning him the nickname "The Charismatic Enigma." He is one half of the current World Tag Team Champions, along with his brother, Matt. After falling from fame twice, Jeff Hardy is back, and better than ever.

Ever since watching Sting, the Ultimate Warrior, and the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels on television as a little kid, Jeff Hardy dreamed of becoming a professional wrestler, and after years of training, Jeff finally made it, catching World Wrestling Federation's eye with his impressive moves, when he and his brother signed two contracts in 1998.

Jeff and Matt Hardy partnered together for six years, calling themselves The Hardy Boys, defeating numerous tag teams along the way and becoming World Tag Team Champions on six different occasions. But in 2002, Jeff and Matt split apart, Jeff staying on Raw, and Matt going to SmackDown, to pursue their individual careers.

Shortly after The Hardy Boys split, Jeff took on the Undertaker in a Ladder Match for the Undisputed Championship. Jeff lost, but meanwhile won the Undertaker's respect, and really, that's the best you can get from the Undertaker, LoL.

After wrestling in WWE as an individual for about a year, Jeff was released due to constant tardiness to events, and even not showing up. But did that stop him from wrestling? No way!

In 2004, Jeff signed with Total Nonstop Action (TNA), and debuted on June 23 at TNA's pay-per-view "The Second Anniversary Show" in a match between himself and A.J. Styles, with no winner coming out on top because of interference by Kid Kash and Dallas.

Once again, after not showing up for a TNA pay-per-view, Jeff Hardy was suspended from TNA and was never seen there again.

Jeff's career went uphill once again when WWE announced that Jeff was resigned on August 4th, 2006. After a couple of weeks of vignettes and countdowns, Jeff Hardy re-debuted on Raw on August 21st, 2006. His career has sky rocketed upon returning to the WWE once again, with him winning the Intercontinental Championship, and after a five year hiatus, Jeff and Matt winning the World Tag Team Championships once again.

In conclusion, Jeff Hardy is one of the top pro wrestlers today. Oh, and just a side note -- although wrestling is fake, professional wrestlers do get injured sometimes, and the stunts they perform are ones that they have trained to do for years, and they know it backwards and forwards, so don't think you can do those, because you could get seriously injured.

This is tbear10, reminding you not to try those stunts at home!


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