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Clow Card Love, Part I

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Clow Card Love, Part I

Whyville Storyteller

Note: This story was written by Astro's brother.

"So, who are you going to the Valentine's Dance with, Sakura?" Madison spoke cheerfully.

Sakura was walking home from school, wondering, "I don't think Zachary would work out very well, and Li isn't the type you would want to talk with."

"That's for sure."

Sakura said her good-byes and walked into the household.

"Hey Squirt."

"Tori." Sakura crossed her eyes and stormed into her room with some cake.

"Hello, hello, hello!" Kero leaped into Sakura's arms at the sight of the cake. "Who's a precious? You're a precious!"

"Gee Kero, if you like it so much, why don't you invite the cake to the Valentine's dance on Tuesday?"

"I would, but it won't last very long!" Kero took a chomp into the massive piece and quickly it disappeared.

"Hey Squirt!"

Sakura turned around while Kero abruptly laid down on the bed. "YEA!?" she spoke.

"I thought I heard something in here." Sakura's desk began to glow a bit. "I thought I heard a voice coming from that stuffed animal."

"No! No, it was just me practicing my play for tomorrow!"

"Well, whatever." Tori left and Sakura locked the door.

"That was way too close, Kero."

"You're telling me, I dropped some crumbs on the bed!"

Sakura sat on her desk and felt it vibrating. "Kero! What's happening?!"

The desk rocked violently and bolts began to burst from it. Sakura opened a drawer taking out the Clow Book. She looked at it and faced out. The book suddenly burst open and a mystic blue mist spread out as one of the cards were escaping. Sakura was thrown back with such force that she was thrown to the opposite side of the room and knocked out on impact. Before blacking out, she saw the Mirror Card escaping through the wall.


"Sakura?" Kero poked Sakura.

"What Kero?" she spoke. She was dazed and suddenly realized what had happened. "Oh my! The Mirror! It disappeared!"

"Yea, and look at your room."

Sakura looked, realizing the room was a mess. The wind and force from the escaping clow card must have wrecked her room.

"Quickly Kero, we gotta call Li!"

"What?! No way, what's he done for us? No way, we're doing this solo."


Sakura grabbed her skates and bladed down the street. Madison waited by the penguin in Penguin Park.

"Hey, Sakura. I brought your new battle costume. Since you didn't have one for your Mirror Card last time, I thought about bringing a special costume." Madison brought out a blue sparkling costume with a hat that looked like Link's hat in Orcarina of Time. It was blue and had a mirror placed patched onto Sakura's forehead.

"She looks more like the card than the Mirror does," complimented Kero.

Sakura dashed out, trying to sense the card around 12:30 in the morning. Cars were going slowly by while the feeling still felt fresh. Sakura took her wand and flew into the air with Kero and Madison.

Sakura felt around, still going by buildings. Some people even thought she was a witch from their perspective. Suddenly, a tingle nipped Sakura's nose.

"I can feel it." Sakura took out a card by the name of Thunder and shouted, "Thunder! Release and Dispel!"

Lightning shot through the card, running right down toward the ground by two posters of a model. The second poster blew up, shooting sparks everywhere.

"Sakura! Wait!" The Mirror took out a mirror and shot it right back at Sakura.

"Sakura! Watch out!" Sakura dodged it but the Mirror was long gone. "Great," Sakura spoke, "the feeling is gone, and not one sense left..."



Tori turned his head, finding the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

"Uh... Hi." Julian nudged him forward. She snickered a bit.

"I'm Natasha."

"Natasha? That was the same name as my mother."

"Small world, huh?"


"Hey, you know, I was wondering, there is a dance and..."

Tori didn't waste a second and shouted, "Yea! You wanna go?"

Natasha laughed and nodded. "Great, I'll pick you up around--"

"Oh, I'll meet you there around 8:00."

It was a date. Tori had it with one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. He put his arms around her and for the next two days, they were an official couple.


"Party!" Mei Ling danced with Li while Sakura just danced with her friends.

"It's a shame there isn't a 'makes cute guy' card, huh Sakura?"

"Yea! LoL, that'd be my favorite card if there was one!"

Sakura suddenly became stunned as she felt something. A tingle nipped the back of her head. Behind her, Tori stood there with a beautiful girl. She seemed to glow a bit, but Sakura didn't think much of it.

"Hey Squirt. Who are you here with?"

"Some of my friends, who are you here with?"

"Oh, this is Natasha." Tori kissed her softly as her arms were put around his shoulders.

Sakura noticed something familiar but didn't know what it was.


"What?" A voice hit through Sakura as if it was coming from her purse. She opened it, finding Kero.

"I sense a clow card."

"I don't sense anything. Maybe the coldness of the air conditioner, but nothing else. Besides, what are you doing in here?"

"Madison said that there would be some cake."

Sakura sighed. Sakura turned around and bumped into Tori, who was still kissing Natasha. Sakura visited the snack bar and took a piece of cake and shoved it down her purse. "There, now go!"

"Not yet, a clow card is here and I can sense it."

"What card would be here?"

"I don't know. Expect the unexpected (Author's note - I really hate that catch phrase). Sakura tried to move out the door but found Li and Mei Ling.

"Sakura, I sense a clow card. Do you?"

"No. Did you bring the Lasin Board?"

"Too many people for magic, and it'll be too suspicious if everybody falls asleep."

"Watch your back, Avalon, cause Li and I will find that card before you!" Mei Ling threatened.

"YOU COME HERE AND SAY THAT, LITTLE GIRL!" bellowed Kero, leaping from Sakura's purse.

"You brought that stuffed animal here, Avalon? What kind of Cardcaptor are you?"

"It wasn't my fault. He just hid in my purse!"

"Well, arguments aren't going to help us. We got a card afoot."

Li left with Mei Ling and Sakura was all alone. Sakura sensed the card out but only finding nobody. She asked everybody and looked for anybody.

"The mirror," she thought. She wondered if there were doubles out there again.

"Tori! Last time the card wanted Tori! We've got to find Tori, Kero!"

To Be Continued...



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