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The Good Old Times

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Do you ever miss the "golden days", about five, six, or even ten years ago? Do you ever look back and remember the summers that you spent at Grandma's, sipping ice cold lemonade and sitting in the sun? And how nowadays you spend your summers watching movies with your friends every week . . . yes, I remember those days.

The time when very few adults had cell phones, and Ipods didn't exist. There was no such thing as a Playstation, laptop, or even XBox. I mean, there was probably the old Nintendo games that were black and white, but other than that, videogames didn't really exist back then.

The definition of "fun" was going for a bike ride with your family, opening a chocolate bar, and getting first dibs on what channel to watch, or what ice cream to choose. The was no such thing as cable, so no Disney Channel, MTV, or Grey's Anatomy.

Compact Discs were the "must-have" at the time, and downloading music was unknown. It was the time when gas was still $1.99 and the Internet wasn't as popular as it is today. Kindergarten was the worst day of your life and you just wanted to stay home with your parents.

You still said "goodnight" and gave your mom a hug before going to sleep. To you, money wasn't a factor because all you did was go around the block and play kickball with a few of your buddies until the sun set.

There would be jump rope competitions and tug-o'-war. It's almost incredible how the world and its technology changed so much in a decade, it's like a revolution.

So next time your heading out the door, with your Sidekick in your hand, ready to meet your friends, don't forget the good old days.

Well, I'm going to go get my jump rope out and see how long I can jump for.



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