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Skating and Your Mailbox

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Skating and Your Mailbox

Guest Writer

For the Skater Game -- go into your red bag first. A black book will come up that says Ledger. Click on that and then click Salary. Then a list of games, including Skater Game, should come up. Click on the name.

Then a kind of stick person shows up. You have to make her go really fast to get a gold trophy. To make the skater go fast, click on the circles on her hands and elbows and stuff, which will let you move her body parts. On the side there are two judges that will hold up a sign that will say something like Olympic Medalist or Local Rink User.

If you do well, on the bottom of the screen it'll give you a secret code. Write that code down, click quit, and then click on the machine in the room. Then put in your code and ask a question from the drop menu above.

Deleting Mail -- when you get a message and go to read ot. on the top of the screen there is a a garbage can with two orange arrows beside it. Click on the garbage can and then that message is deleted!

Getting to Places -- say you want to go to the Pool Party. Well, on the side of your screen there is a bus and on that bus there is a drop down menu. Click on that and scroll down until you find Pool Party. The places to go are in alphabetical order.

Adding Friends -- to add friends to your address book, you go into your mail. On the right side of the screen there is a little book and under it, it says Address Book. Click on that; when you get in there, on the top of the screen there are some read letters that say, "Add a Friend!" When you click on that, it will take you to this thing that says, among other things, Whyville Directory. Click on that and then a screen will come up where you can search for your friends. When you get to the person you want, click on his or her face; then send them a message and check on the box that says "add to address book".

OK, I hope I answered those questions well enough! =-)




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