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Review: Cory in the House

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Hey my people. It's Nolegirl6 back in another issue with my column of reviews. Today I will be reviewing a fairly new show, "Cory in the House." This show is on the Disney Channel. I'd give it a five star rating because it's funny and it prevented two of the characters on the show "That's So Raven" from being gone.

"Cory in the House" is about Corey (Kyle Massey) and Victor Baxter (Rondell Sheridan), the same characters as in "That's So Raven", who move to Washington D.C. when Victor, Corey's dad, is selected by the president to be his personal chef. Raven left for college, so she didn't go along with them, and the wife is in England, so she didn't come along either.

Cory goes to a school for the rich and famous kids who live in Washington D.C., since he is a White House kid. There he meets two friends: Meena Paroom (Maiara Walsh), the daughter of the Bahavian Ambassador, and Newt Livingston (Jason Dolley), the son of a Senator and Chief of Justice.

The President, President Martinez (John D' Aquino) and his daughter Sophie (Madison Pettis) are constantly bothering Corey and Victor. Sophie is always making Corey play games with her, like dress up. In one episode Victor is bothered by the President when he keeps calling in the middle of the night telling him to make him food.

Corey is always going through silly things at school, whether it's school elections (doesn't sound silly but it turns out out be), raising money for a ski trip, or, the most frequent, trying to get Meena to fall in love with him, or dreaming about Meena falling in love with him.

You never know what to expect on "Corey in the House," except for Corey going through some pretty crazy things. Well, time to end what is hopefully another great report. Have a nice day!



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