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Clam For Your Thoughts

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Clam For Your Thoughts

Bruab, Pwee, and Scout
Resident Whyologists

Ah, clams. We all like 'em. We all try to earn 'em. But is that what it's all about?

Vanilla, one of the Times' reporters, recently wrote an in-depth article on apathy and the "I don't care" attitude of both the general population and (at times) Whyville citizens. Well, what if you had a chance to earn clams and help out Whyville in the process? Would you do it?

What if you had a chance to share some of your views about Whyville, science, the internet and other topics? Would you be interested? Here's your chance: announcing the opening of the Whyology Center!

The Whyology Center is dedicated to finding out more about Whyville and Whyvillians (you!). Who are we? We are Whyville's official Whyologists. We are researchers outside of Whyville as well, working at the California Institute of Technology. We are interested in cool internet sites like Whyville and how to improve them. You will probably see us around Whyville with our Whyologist hats on. If you see someone claiming to be one of us, but not wearing one of these official hats, don't answer any of their questions and file a 911 report on them immediately!

Our first study, the Whyology Survey, is just getting started. The survey will try to find out what part of Whyville people like best and what they do when they are not hanging out in Whyville Square.

The Whyology Center is in the newly refurbished Why House.
Why are we doing this? Because we are curious. Sure, we can just hang out in the Square and chat with people -- which we do -- but how much can you really ask in a few minutes? So we made up a survey with all sorts of questions. Some of the questions are about what you do on Whyville and some are about what you do at home, or at school. It'll take a little time to finish it, but for your trouble we will give you 200 clams! Also, we will keep all of your answers confidential. Even the people who run Whyville won't know who said what.

To find out more about the Survey and the Whyology Center, visit us inside the Why House. Once you sign up for the survey (by getting your parent's permission), you'll be able to enter the Center and start earning your clams.

Want another reason to take the survey? Well, Whyville is a totally unique place on the web for people to have fun and learn some things too, but people who don't come here and spend time on the site don't understand what is good about it. The Whyology Center can help get the word out which will help Whyville in the long run. But, we don't just want to know good stuff -- we want to know all the bad stuff too, so we can help the Whyville staff make the place better. But mostly we just want to know what is going on and who are the people on Whyville.

The survey is easy because you know all the answers, so don't wait, get signed up today and get surveyed!

Resident Whyologists: bruab, pwee & scout



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