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Important People: Austria

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Hey, Spinner45 here, back with the next "Important People" article. This week, I'm doing a not-as-well-known country. I'm sure some of us have heard of it, but don't know much about the country, or its important people. None have guessed this week's subject, so I'm hoping you'll all be surprised by this country. So, without anymore blab, here's this week's important people, from Austria.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold was born in 1947 as the son of a policeman, in Graz, Austria. As a kid, Arnold wanted to get into a local soccer team and because of this, he started working out. At this time, he felt it was his destiny to have the perfect body and muscles.

In 1965, when he joined the Austrian Army, his commanding officer withheld the pass to leave base for a bodybuilding contest. Arnold snuck away and won the trophy, but was put into military jail once he returned and explained where he'd been. It was then, that the senior officers took a closer look at Arnold's trophy, which ended up being the top position of Mr. Universe Junior! After that, he was allowed to train during the year he served.

From then on he earned title after title. In 1968, he won the IPC(International Powerlifting Championship) and decided to move to the USA. He became Mr. Universe twice and Mr. Olympia every year from 1970 to 1975. His body was his success. Even today, people call him the "Austrian Oak".

But, Arnold isn't all muscle and no brains, he holds an academic Business degree. In 1970, he stared in his first movie, "Hercules goes to New York". In 1982 he got a lead role in "Conan the Barbarian" and "Terminator"(I saw that movie! :D). Arnold became obsessed with money and began investing in real estate, making a fortune! And he married Maria Shriver in 1986.

In 1991 he acted in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day",(saw that one too!) his most successful movie ever! Arnold is one of the most famous Austrians living in the states. His trademark line is, "I'll be back."

In 2003, he not only starred in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"(yup, that one too), but also announced that he was to run for the office of California Governor. And on October 8, he won the elections, becoming living proof that you don't need to speak flawless English to live the American dream and go from dishwasher to millionaire.

Sissi-Elisabeth of Wittelbach

Sissi was born as the daughter of Duke Maximilian and Duchess Ludovikain Bavaria. In 1853 she got to know her cousin, Emperor Franz Joseph, who was going to marry Sissi's sister Helene. Franz, however, fell in love with Sissi, and decided to marry her instead, to which Sissi had no say in. Sissi had to move to Vienna because of Franz, and found out her life in Vienna would not be easy. The Viennese aristocracy was making fun of Sissi, and her mother, by law, took over Sissi's life. Sissi's children were taken away from her and she was barely allowed to see them, putting her in deep depression and illness.

After two years of curing, she returned with new confidence. She decided to take control of political issues and soon took interest in Hungary. In 1867, she was crowned Queen of Hungary. Sissi was obsessed with her weight and figure and soon became anorexic. Despite that, her liberal ideas and effort for the poor and troublesome made her very popular in Austria and was no longer made fun of.

In 1870 she withdrawled from public life and tried to live the life of a private person. On September 10, 1898, while she was peacefully walking through Geneva, she was assassinated by a young Italian anarchist.(What's his problem? xD)

Ingeborg Bachmann

Ingeborg was born in Carinthis in 1926, and studied philosophy and psychology all over Austria before she settled in Vienna. In 1951, she started working in at a radio station, where she wrote her first radio play.

In 1952, she got a breakthrough by reading her lyrical poetry at a "Gruppe 47" meeting. Her poetry collections were very successful. In 1961, her partly autobiographic collection of short stories were published. Her short stories were a highlight, allowing insights into the Austrian way of being.

In 1971 she wrote her first novel, "Malina", exploring possibilities of subjective "female writing", long before feminism. "Malina" was part of her unfinished project, "Todesarten". In 1973, Ineborg died, because she fell asleep smoking in her bed.

Today, some of her short stories and radio plays have been turned into movies.

Well, that's this week's people. Next week I'm doing . . . well you'll have to wait and find out!

Bye for now!


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