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I know you've seen a lot of light rock and rock in "The Music Scene" lately, and I've received a little heat on sticking to a certain genre. So, I'd like to bring a little bit of harder rock into the Times this week, and next month we'll mix it up with some soul and Swedish bands. But today, my friends, we have an accomplished, patient band, who learned the rules of music, and quickly broke them. Yes, we have Avenged Sevenfold.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't into Avenged Sevenfold much when one of my good friends suggested writing about them. I actually am keener on their music now, but still not as rabid as most people Before starting, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Erin (Airhead17) for helping me get this really great information about AS, and figure the whole band out. I couldn't have done it without her. With my mushy thanks aside, let's get on with this band's biography.

Like many bands say, "Picking your band's name is a step in itself." Avenged Sevenfold chose a name who reflected who they were and what they believed in. Interested? The group's title is based on the Biblical story of God's wrath upon Cain for killing his brother, Abel. "And the Lord said, 'Therefore whoever slayeth Cain, vengeance will be taken upon him sevenfold.'"

Even the names the guys of AS dubbed themselves have to do with their band's name.

M. Shadows - Vocals
Zacky Vengeance - Guitar
Synyster Gates - Guitar
Johnny Christ - Bass
The Reverend - Drums

Avenged Sevenfold sprang out of Huntington Beach, California, in 1999. Back then the members were still in high school. Althought they were young, it didn't take long for the metal/punk group to get noticed. Even before they got signed, this band was making a big impression on the local CA scene. With their pop-punk vibes, mixed with a heavy stream of hard rock, they weren't forging new territory altogether with their sound, but deeply crossing musical barriers, and making the sounds they wanted. That in itself is impressive.

After a few basement shows and cramped vans, Avenged's career finally started to take a decent shape. The band debuted in July 2001 with "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet" off of Good Life Recordings, which was a Belgian record company. The debut was eventually re-issued by Hopeless Records in 2002. The record was recorded at Westbeach, in Hollywood, CA. This record has been a really great triumph for A7X (as the band can be called). "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet" has bursts of hardcore fury, and gorgeous wails, along with ripping guitars and heavy drums. All-in-all, this record was a hit with many, and gathered thousands of fans all over the world.

"Waking the Fallen" is AS's second full-length release, and one of the last one's with the metal core sound. Although M. Shadows still screams out his feelings in this record, the music is much more melodic, and slower songs. It was released in August of 2003 on Hopeless records. This record, although much different from their debut, still attracted more and more kids to the band's message.

The song "Chapter Four", from the record was also used for NHL 2004, Madden 2004, and Nascar Thunder 2004. This is talked about to be the best album of AS, because it experiments so much with the band's potential, hopeless screams and catchy choruses. Again, with WTF, biblical influences are up-close and strong.

With "Waking The Fallen" going extremely strong, Avenged Sevenfold hopped over to Warner Brothers label for June 2005's release, "City Of Evil". The new style of music on this record has created some disruption from longtime fans. Some call A7X sellouts, others nod in enjoyment of the band's new style. The album was ranked 63 on issue of Guitar Worlds magazine list of the top 100 great guitar albums. Thanks to Zacky and Synyster on that one. "City Of Evil" also hit 30 on Billboards Top 200, influenced by the band's single, "Bat Country". The song was heavily rotated on FUSE and MTV, showing a high point of the album. Their career was on fire, and the awards just kept coming. A7X won Best New Artist award, although they were hardly newcomers. 8 years, hello?

Although A7X's musical career might seem perfect, unblemished, even, M. Shadows said, "It's been really hard at times, to play the music that we do. For a while, some people didn't like what we believed in, so they shunned our music. I think we're opening a lot of kid's eyes now, although, and all of the rough points were worth it." Wow. It just shows that playing music means dedication and snippy CD reviewers. Okay, the last one was just me.

So, even though you personally might not like this band's message, doesn't make them a bad band. Look, I'm not really into the heavier stuff, (although they are mellowing out a bit) but I can respect the band's music. Now, before we leave, I want to show you an interview I had with Erin, an Avenged Sevenfold fan, about the band. She has some really interesting answers, so listen up!

Glitsygrl: Hey Erin! Where did you first here of Avenged Sevenfold?
Airhead17: I first heard of A7X on satellite radio, the song "Burn it Down". I thought it was pretty cool.
Glitsygrl: What do you personally like about the band?
Airhead17: I like a lot of things about the band. What drew me to them is the way a hard rock band could harmonize in both singing and the music they play. And also the members of the band have very strong personalities (if that makes sense.)
Glitsygrl: What trait do you think Avenged Sevenfold has that sets them apart from other bands in their genre?
Airhead 17: I think the fact that they don't let the media, trends, etc., effect their music. And also, they just stand out from other rock artists today. They are not heavy metal, they aren't the new punk screamo, or whatever you want to call it that is common today.
Glitsygrl: Interesting answer! Do you have a favorite song or lyric by them?
Airhead17: If I were to name my favorite lyrics, we would be here all day, but my favorite song, or album in this case, is their second album, "Waking the Fallen".
Glitsygrl: Have you ever been to an A7X concert? If so, what was the atmosphere of the show?
Airhead17: No, sadly, I haven't been to a concert. I've asked to go, but my parents said no. I do plan to go eventually.
Glitsygrl: Do you have any siblings/friends who enjoy Avenged Sevenfold?
Airhead17: I could probably count the number of friends who like A7X on one hand, but that's alright. I can change that.
Glitsygrl: Sounds wicked, Erin. So, last question. What other bands do you like besides Avenged?
Airhead17: I would say some of my favorite bands are Three Days Grace, AFI, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, ect.

I would like to thank Erin so much for her time, and I hope you enjoyed her answers and opinions.

What about the ninth "The Music Scene"? The next band coming up are Los Angles, CA natives, and have an album coming out in May 2007, titled "Minutes to Midnight". In the group is also the popular rapper who helps out with another band, who became a hit with the song "Where'd you go?"

Also, I have one of my good friends helping me write the article. He's been a friend to many of you on Whyville, and quite a list of achievements on Whyville under his belt. I think it's obvious you'll be in for a fun time. :P



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