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Late Delivery

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You sew a smile on my face when I'm feeling spread too thin
To the point where my heart might rip and let everything evil back in:
The darkest thoughts and vampiric actions urged by the coldest whirl
And readiness to explode at the slightest touch of an unwanted world;
In sickness I'll hold you, head on my chest - the world on my chest -
You'll be all that I need, when we're all alone in this place,
And you're all the things I ever wanted to be, in a package with late delivery,
But it's all for the better, when I thought they'd lost my love letter,
You'll not go without everything I've felt being told,
My coppers and silvers and brown-blacks turned gold
By an angel that looks like a reflection of me,
With eyes like a blue moon seen in rarity
And an aura of joy I'd do anything to keep -
For give me the widest gap, and surely I'd leap
If all that waited across it was you
And given the world, I would give it to you,
Knowing you deserve everything you want,
I'd go on a global scavenger hunt
To find every flower, animal, and machine
On your list of desired material things;
You give life to the lifelessness
Of cold ink and polar white paper
On which I dream my many dreams
Where you're keeping me from bursting at the seams,
And I'm holding you under a cover of romance,
Simply glad to have gotten this second chance
With both of us playing new and different roles
In the second act of a beautiful play
I thought we'd lost a long, long time ago


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