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Announcements, Announcements

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Announcements, Announcements

Citizen with a Mission

Dear Whyville, this is bigdaddy5 here, and you know when you go on Whyville you always have 3 main choices: the Playground, the Pool Party, and the 'Platz. Well, that's all going to change this summer, as City Hall has approved a new hangout!! Now, I'm in charge of gathering ideas and City Hall is going to approve it.

The thing is, I can't do it all by myself, so I would really like it if you and your friends Y-mailed me some of your ideas. The sooner we get ideas, the sooner we will have this new hangout! Thank you for your support and tell as many people as possible!


Newbie Helper

Well, I am ShortT, I am a part maker, and I have made many parts. I would like to start a little business called "Newbies in need??" What I will do is, first newbies whymail me asking me for what they want. If they ask for a certain part, like some eyes, I will buy them the eyes, and not only that, I will send them 50-100 clams, or I might just do one or the other.

Also, I am afraid some Whyvillians are greedy and will try to steal my clams. So, I will have to do backup checks by looking you up in city records, which will stall the process. But I won't go on as any newbies that want there salary up, which I'm sure some will ask for. I just want to get them started so that they can look good.

I hope to be recieving many whymails from newbies who are in need!!!


Cutie Co. Designer

Hi everyone! I have something to tell you about a fashion clothing company. This clothing co. (co. stands for company) has a lot of clothing coming out. The staff members are (these are their user names) shortbabe, cutie44 (ME!!), and 1grl2env. We try our best to make you cool stuff.

I am happy to say a lot of peeps have bought my buns. If our stuff looks small, I promise it will be big when you put it on. But if it's messy, don't buy what we made. Our clothing co. is called Cutie Co., please buy from us.

The face parts will start in New Face Parts then go to Other Parts or *~* Parts. Thank you for reading my first thing, sorry if it's dumb.


Cheer Leader

Hi, my name is SoccerKic! We have decided to start a cheerleading team. I will be the leader for the Whyville Cheerleading team. Sign-ups start July 9, 2001 and end July 30, 2001. To be in the Whyville Cheerleading group you must y-mail me the information below:

-Whyville Name
-About how many days on Whyville

After that, send it and I will reply to all messages! You could make it. Just look your prettiest and do your best.


Football League Manager

Another thing you are required to have to come to our games (besides a ticket) is a jersey, jersey's are 60 clams. To purchase a Jersey you must wait for my y-mail response when you sent me your ticket and I will notify you of what colour you are. To buy one you must buy the Jersey for me and then wants I see that you have it I will send it back to you. (This is to make sure you have the official football Jersey).

Once I have sent the Jersey to you, you will be placed on a team. When your ticket expires and you do not play for another 10 games, you can send the Jersey to me and I will send you 25 clams.

If you cannot afford a 35 clam Jersey, you may check the Trading Post. Remember, you must find the colour that you are assigned to. I will be placing Jerseys in the trading post for 30 clams from the ones that people have returned to me. Captains are also required to wear a Blue C on their jersey. The Blue C is called Football ~Blue C~. This costs 10 clams; you must purchase the Blue C the same way you purchased the Jersey, by buying it for me and then I will send it back to you.

How do you know it's an official jersey or Blue C if you buy it from the Trading Post? Well, buy it and then donate it to me so I can see it's an official Jersey or Blue C, then I will send it back to you.



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