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Glitsygrl: In the music world, there is one simple rule: Play the music you want. But with lazy kids changing their pop opinions about music every 39 seconds, while trying to be cute about it, it's definitely harder than it was 10 years ago. Yet, somehow one amazing band has pulled through for us all, mixing some old-school beats with traditional rock, and overflowing electronic vibes, and of course, the contrast voices of the two vocalist. Do you know who it is, Shane?

Ps2man1: Hm . . . let me guess . . . err . . . Green Day . . . no that can't be it . . . the Beatles . . . no, that isn't it either . . . Linkin Park, Yes! That's definitely it. Is it Emmy?

Glitsygrl: Joining me today is one of my good friends, fantastic writer and rabid LP fan, Shane. Okay, maybe not exactly "rabid", but you get my jest, right?

Ps2man1: Cool, you jest?

Glistygrl: It's been so fun to write about this fabulous band with him, and I hope you enjoy reading about Linkin Park, too. So, let's get this helping of rock-mania on the road. We can start with the band's biography

Linkin Park sprung out of Los Angles, California, which the band says "had a huge influence on our music". LP started when drummer Rob Bourdon, guitarist Brad Delson, and MC/vocalist and keyboarder Mike Shinoda formed a friendship in high school. The band didn't start until after graduation, actually (which is a good choice, school is always important). Something started clicking when Joseph Hahn (who did some turntables, samples, and beats) hooked up with bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell and Mike for the band, Xero.

After a few months of playing in Xero with vocalist Mark Wakefield, the guys of Xero decided to switch their name to Linkin Park, and replaced Mark, who after getting tired of singing, went on to manage the band Taproot. Everything seemed to be running smoothly enough. Or about as smoothly as you can be in a band without a lead vocalist. But after many ads, and many more pleads, Chester Bennington came into the band to take over as front man. At that time, it was 1999.

Now, let's talk about the sound on Hybrid Theory. The album mostly mixes harder rock with lighter hip-hop, with some ripping guitars set in for the mix. Hybrid Theory has also been noted for its lack of bad words and profanity. It's hard to find an album like that, especially with a harder rock band. Still not impressed by the band's first album? Hybrid Theory is Diamond, which means 10 times platinum, in the U.S., and the century's highest selling debut album.

Ps2man1: Hey Emmy, keep in your territory I do charts and album sales figures.

Glitsygrl: Anyways. Yeah. They sold over 24 million copies worldwide. And that was back in October of 2006. It was also considered the most successful CD of the alternative/metal genre. The debut also earned them "Best New Artist" by MTV, and "Best Hard Rock Performance" for one of their songs, "Crawling".

Yeah, dude. We are talking that Hybrid was huge, and for a reason, too. I've bought that CD so many times for my friends' birthdays, my brother's Christmas present, and copies for myself. It's one of the best CD's I have. I bet so many others are agreeing with that. And Hybrid Theory, my friends, is only one of their albums. :P

Ps2man1: Ooh what about Mike Shinodo's solo effort, Emmy?

Glitsygrl: I'll get to that later. Now, quiet. After Hybrid Theory came Reanimation.

Reanimation was based on Hybrid Theory, and recorded on the Hybrid Theory tour. Reanimation consists of heavily re-mixed songs of their debut, as well as songs written and outlined from before Hybrid Theory. Reanimation is very rap and rap-rock-styled, and disliked by some LP fans. Mike Shinoda mostly does the vocals on this record, where on the other albums, it was balanced between Chester Bennington and himself. Stephen Thomas Erlewine, of "All Music Guide", praised Reanimation, saying, "A sight more interesting than Linkin Park's debut. Reanimation really tries to break new ground for the band." Others, although, say the album was just something to keep LP's name out there, or "cross commercialism".

Glitsygrl: What do you think about the Reanimation CD, Shane? From what you've heard of it, at least.

Ps2man1: Yay, I get to talk. I think it was pretty good, but it was a bit different from what I was used to of Linkin Park. But hey, how can they go wrong?

Glitsygrl: The band then spent the next year in the studios recording their sophomore CD, Meteora. It was released in March 2003, and it's first single, "Somewhere I Belong" was an instant hit with fans, critics, and the radio stations. Unlike Hybrid Theory, Meteora has a much stronger dose of rap verses, and more electronic styling. The album was named after the monasteries in Europe called Meteora, amazed at how well they were built, and how much purpose they stood for. That was the main focus of the album, a feeling of greatness and accomplishment.

To date, the album has sold over 11 million copies, and still going strong. Some critics say, although, that Meteora was a step back instead of forward, not covering anything new for the band. Almost all of the songs on Meteora transition smoothly, and follow one another in synchronized harmony.

More side-projects have kept flowing from Linkin Park. As many of you know, Mike Shinoda started Fort Minor a hip-hop band who put out a chart-topping song and video, "Where'd You Go". Told you I'd talk about it, man.

Now, Minutes To Midnight is the name on most Linkin Park fans lips these days.

Ps2man1: It sure is on mine.

Glitsygrl: What is it? Their new album, of course Well, what is to be said about this new effort coming from LP, "We have put more into the new album than we ever have done before," says the bassist. The band had spent more than 14 months in the studio, working on this record, and wrote more than a hundred demos for it. Linkin Park has been said to record 17 tracks, and whittling it down to which will make the final cut. "We are writing about stuff we wouldn't have touched awhile back." Chester Bennington says. New ground, eh? Wonderful.

The first single for the album, "What I've Done," was released April 2nd. If the song is anything to what Minutes to Midnight is, then I think music world is in for a big shock. That shock? On what Linkin Park can really do with music.

Glitsygrl: Now that we have our main biography done, I'd like to give the rest of the article up to Shane, who will tell you a lot more about where Linkin Park stands on the charts, and what others think of the band. Show us, man :P

Ps2man1: Well, as Emmy said, "What I've Done" is the first single off of Minutes to Midnight and was released April 2nd, but what she didn't tell you some things, and I will. This single partially loses Meteor's rap-rock feel, without a rap verse in it. It's really good. Some fans were disappointed at first, but seriously, how could you be disappointed for very long in this song? After release, it debuted #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tally, a feat that has only been achieved twice in the Chart's History, with the Red Hot Chili Pepper's for Californication in 2006, and R.E.M.'s What's the Frequency, Kenneth? in 1994. It debuted at #3 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tally, also accomplishing "Air Power" on the chart. On Billboard's Hot 100 Chart, it debuted at #7 based on digital downloads and airplay, but mostly on Digital Downloads. Right about now, "What I've Done" is at #50 on Pop Air-play Charts, and #1 on Alternative Air-play charts.

Now here's how the other singles peaked:

One Step Closer (Hybrid Theory): Hot 100 - #75
Mainstream Rock - #4
Modern Rock - #5

Crawling (Hybrid Theory): Hot 100 - #79
Mainstream Rock- #3
Modern Rock-#5

Mainstream Rock - #3
Modern Rock - #1 (5 Weeks)

Papercut (Hybrid Theory): Modern Rock: #32

Runaway (Hybrid Theory): Mainstream Rock: #37
Modern Rock: #40

Somewhere I Belong(Meteora): Hot 100: #32
Modern Rock: #1(5 Weeks)
Mainstream Rock: #1

Faint(Meteora): Hot 100: #48
Modern Rock: #1 (6 weeks)
Mainstream Rock: ???

Numb (Meteora): Hot 100 #11
Modern Rock: #1 (12 Weeks
Mainstream Rock: #1 (??? Weeks)

Lying From You(Meteora): Hot 100: #58
Modern Rock: #1 (3 weeks)
Mainstream Rock: ???

Breaking the Habit(Meteora): Hot 100: #20
Modern Rock: #1 (4 weeks)
Mainstream Rock: #1 (?? Weeks)

Numb/Encore (Linkin Park and Jay-Z. This song was a MTV Mash-up, and feature's Jay-Z's "Encore", and Linkin Park's "Numb". It won a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung collaboration.): Hot 100: #20

What I've Done: I mentioned it before, hehe.

Wow. This is tiring.

Glitsygrl: You got that right.

Glitsygrl & Ps2man1: Minutes to Midnight will be out May 15th in the US, and May 14th internationally. It is now available on preorder on iTunes.

Glitsygrl: Do you know what would be a good way to end this? (Whispers in Ps2man1's ear)

Ps2man1: Ohh, good idea.

Glitsygrl and Ps2man1: This is Emmy and Shane leaving you for now, In The End, (We are so creative. That's a Linkin Park Song, you know :D) of this article. See you next time.

Glitsygrl and Ps2man1


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