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Review: Freak the Mighty

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Hey, it is Nolegirl6 back with another review. This is once again another book. It is called "Freak the Mighty". It is about two boys. One is learning disabled, and the other has one very rare type of dwarfism, that comes with many bad medical conditions. Max is the learning disabled, and Freak is the one that suffers fromm dwarfism. Freak's problem is he is growing on the inside, but not on the outside.

These two kids first met in pre-school, and Freak, whos real name is Kevin, missed a lot of days to go get tests done. After that Max doesn't see him again until the summer between seventh and eigth grade. Freak moves right up the street from Max. They first meet when Max is walking down the street and Freak shouts at him, "Put your hands up Earthling."

They soon become friends, and hang out with each other a lot over the summer. They go and see the fireworks together, where they get chased by a kid named Blade, the neighborhood bully. Freak is interested in robots and knights. He knows a lot about them, and many other things. As Max says in the book, he didn't have a brain until he met Freak.

Sometime during the summer, Freak gets on Max's (who is seven feet tall) shoulders. They soon take the name "Freak the Mighty". They go on many quests, just like the knights. After summer is over, they try to get Max in all of the same classes as Freak, even though Max is suppose to be in the learning disabled classes.

Later on in the year, Max and Freak's families spend Christmas Eve together. Freak gives Max something he made completely by himself; he even made the box that all the sides fold down at once. That night, something tragic happens. This changes the story in a very dramtic way. After this event is over with, Freak celebrates his birthday. That is when another bad event happens, and an even worse one two days after that.

If you want to find out what happens, you will need to read the book. I thought this book was really good; once I picked it up, I didn't want to put it down. I would say it was really good, and really sad.

This is Nolegirl6, signing off, with another review.


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