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Learning a Language

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We all know that learning a language is probably the hardest thing there is to do. For the past month now, I have been trying to learn German. Rather, trying to teach myself the German language with online translators. Now seeing as learning a language is tough, imagine how hard it would be to teach yourself. In this article I will explain.

German is a very different language. It has accents, and harder pronounciations than English. With my translators I have managed to teach myself numerous words and phrases in German.

Now, I bet you are all wondering, "Why would you go through so much trouble just to learn a language?" Well, we know that the more languages you know, the better chance you have in getting a job. Say there is a young woman, she is very sophisticated, pretty, smart, and can speak English, and some French. Now there is also a woman, who is slightly older, not as pretty and not as smart, but can speak English, French, Italian, German, and Arabic. These two women have filled in applications for a job. Who is more likely to get it?

If you guessed the beautiful woman, you are very wrong. The boss would choose the woman that can speak in many different tongues. Why? Well, countries do not just have people speaking only one language. Countries like Canada, have English and French speaking people. If you are working in a community where different languages are spoken, and you can only speak one, why hire you?

Now I am positive that you won't want to read this article for nothing, so I will give you a couple words in German. Practice them, and use them in you daily language. Maybe begin teaching yourself this language with a translator, and get your friends into it. It is a great idea, because you and your friend can speak this language to each other, and your friends, and family will have no idea what you are saying.


Thank youDanke

Children these days hate saying, "Thank you." Maybe the next time your parents pass you something at the dinner table say, "Danke." It's fun, faster, and easier than saying, "Thank you." Besides, you will confuse your parents at the same time. Now isn't that a treat?

I hope this has inspired you to start taking up another language. Maybe if you have Italian in your background, start learning it, and bring your friends along with you. It's a great way to have a private conversation with your friend in public, and no one will understand. Well, unless there's somone there who speaks Italian of course.

I'm sure whenever you hear people talking in a different language you always say to yourself, "I wish I knew what they were saying." I sure do. So, take up a new language, learn it, and speak it. Maybe the next time someone's talking in their language, you might understand and jump in the conversation.

I hope you've enjoyed my article. Hurry up, learn a new language. You've only got a matter of years before you are able to get a job, and be able to travel. Remember, looks don't matter. If you've got the ability to speak in different languages, the job is yours.

Thank you.


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