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You Do the Crime, You Pay the Time

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You Do the Time, You Pay the Crime

Times Writer

How many of you have been taped? And how many of you felt it was for no reason?

Whenever I log onto Whyville I see at least 3 taped Whyvillians, usually more. And they all consider themselves "innocent"... I mean, City Hall wouldn't take away people's right to chat for no reason... would she? Well, that's what they all thought!

Stupid? Maybe. But when you're upset about something, you can say a whole heap of things you don't mean, and very quickly your toungue can become your worst enemy.

I asked City Hall what she thought on this touchy subject and she directed me to the person in Whyville who is in charge of taping, who said:

    "The vast majority of the time, when someone is muted or fined or banished, they did something to deserve it. Now, the person who originally created and "owns" the login name isn't always the person who earned the punishment -- but in the end, it's that person, and that login name, that has to accept responsibility for whatever happens on their account. That's why it's so important to be careful with your words and your password: you don't have to type in the first thing that comes to mind! Believe me, I'd get in trouble a lot if I didn't think first and type second!"

City Hall would just like to add: "We always send you a Y-mail explaining to you why you were taped or fined. We've found that sometimes that Y-mail isn't very clear, so we are working on making it easier to understand."

None of us HAVE to say what first comes into our minds. People are getting in trouble for not thinking through what they say could result in. And none of us have to or should give our passwords away. We've all seen what doing these acts result in and none usually do any good for you. Think about it -- all your hard work on your salary, your friends, your face parts, furniture and bricks... all gone.

If you get taped, don't take it out on other people OR City Hall. You did the crime, you pay the time.

And, if a person who's taped comes into the room, don't tease them 'cause they can't talk -- one day it could be you behind that tape....

Just keep in mind -- think through your actions and words, because once they're out, there's no way that you can take them back.

If you have any questions or comments, mail 'em to me....

This is Tech... signing out....



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