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My Day in Whyville

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My Day in Whyville

Guest Writer

Note from the Editor: Biscuit's article from three weeks ago has inspired us to start a new column in the Times, to be called Whyville Diaries. Submit articles describing how you spend a typical day in Whyville. With enough entries, we will turn this into a contest with clam prizes and trophies!

Peman74 singing on... signed on!

Hello everyone!!! I just read Biscuit's great article and decided to tell people what I do every day in Whyville!

Everytime I sign on I am hoping for that little red dot on the phone to be flashing!! You know why I love my mail!! I check that as soon as I get on!!!

Then I go to my ledger and check out my clams. I usaully count how much I make each day.

After that I usually go and chat! Chatting is so much fun. I see what people are talking about and see what they like so I can try to please Whyvillians by making stuff for them at the Face Factory!

That leads me to my next daily occurrence! I go and make stuff at the Face Factory! I love making stuff! Sometimes I like my stuff and go ahead and finish it and sometimes I don't and I erase it all and start over! I'll make between 2 and 5 parts at that time, but usually I don't finish or it doesn't get approved cuz I never finish! (I get a lot of Face Factory Refund Y-mail.)

After that I like to look at the Times and look at people in the city records and the petitions, etc. I just hang out and check what's up and find out what people like and are like!

Maybe after that, I'll go back to the Face Factory and try to make another great thingy or I'll go chat! Usually it's up to me!!

Whenever I get mail I read it right away, and I check my so-called "clamage" (clams/clam total) a lot!

Well, that's about it. That's my day -- nice and fun and relaxing.

Well, buh-bye, all ya Whyvillians! Luv ya lotz!

Peman74 loging out... logged out.


Guest Writer

Dear fellow Whyvillians,

Here is a day in Whyville.

I log in, hoping some of my best friends or someone I know is there. I type in my name and password. I wait, close my eyes, and see Whyville in a blur. Uh-oh!

Again, I wait. Most of the time, it gets back to normal. I go check my mail and see what it is.

Off to the Pool Party! I chat, and chat, and chat! But, after a while, it gets BORING.

Then I look at the map and go to a place with a lot of people. When that gets boring, or the person I'm talking to leaves, I go to raise my salary.

Well, that is usually all the time I have, so I log off.

I hope this wins the contest,


Whymail me!


Guest Writer

Hi, this is Naveed and this is my Whyville diary this is what I usually do, ok? It's in a list, so here we go:

1. Log in... then chat in the Square for 5 minutes.
2. Check Y-mails and write Y-mails.
3. Go to see if my friends are on (search them up in city records).
4. If they're on, I look for them in Whyville, or if i can't find them, I Y-mail them.
5. Chat with them (if I find them) or chat with my g/f and other friends or make new friends.
6. Just sit back relax and chat. 7. Check petitions and sign em!
8. Log out... then lata have more fun!

That's mostly what I do. It sounds boring, but it isn't. Oh yeah, I forgot, I make my Whyville face sometimes! Well, that's mostly what I do. Well, c ya later! This is Naveed logging out... beep... logged out!!!



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