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Forget the Nonbelievers

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Tonight's no time for talking
Let me feel my feelings out 'til the end
And drop cares like plastic plates,
With no hesitation, in a love drunk stupor

Happiness is throwing its curve balls at me
And even if I dodged, they'd fail to miss;
My summer skin's here, like never before,
Even in this wanna-be, eighty-degree Spring

Let's hold tight
As our bodies surf the heat waves;
I'd rather burn in sync than be lukewarm lonely;
We're the apotheosis of Cupid's daydreams,
And I say forget the nonbelievers

I'm collecting demons,
In piles, in the corner of my mind,
And every time the nook is filled,
I'll use your smile for fuel,
Then snuff the dark flames when they're gone

You're first chair violin
In the orchestra of my dreams;
Play as you'd like,
And sing me all you hope for

Should I call you doctor?
My cure-all's a placebo with your name,
And it's radically addictive,
But to stop would be insane

We're colors of contrasting hues
And opposites attract;
I challenge anyone:
Give me a reason to frown,
I'll laugh at your attempts

Our minutes go un-wasted,
To only our advantage,
But if everyone hates me for it,
It's because they don't know what we have

Stay with me as the fan blades spin,
While the gentle breeze blows through the window,
And even when it's time to go,
I'll stay just five more minutes


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