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Clow Card Love, Part II

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Clow Card Love, Part II

Whyville Storyteller

Note: This story, including Part I, was written by Astro's brother.

Tori stood on the porch. His arms were around Natasha as they gazed at the moon.

"You know, I could never stop looking at the moon."

"Really? Before I was created, I always enjoyed looking at the moon, too. I always find tranquility in it."


"Nevermind. You wouldn't understand."

Tori held Natasha forward, "You know, I have never met anyone like you before. You're just so amazing and wise."

"You're exciting too. You're strong and seem to possess things I wish I had."

"Like what?"

"Well, like the fact that you can --"

"Tori!" Sakura ran right up to her brother and shouted, "You're still safe!"

"Hey, watch it, Squirt."

"Oh, sorry Tori, Natasha." Sakura felt that feeling again. It was coming from Natasha. Sakura didn't waste any time. "SLEEP CARD!"

Tori fell asleep leaving Sakura, the Clow Card, and Kero. "Clow Card, you leave my brother alone. You have messed with him for the last time and when I call your name, you will return! Mirror Card! Return to your power confined!"

The card didn't move. It stood silent in her sparkling dress.

"I am sorry I left you, Mistress," it spoke. Sakura put down her wand in wonder. "But I cannot come back with you!" The clow began to shoot out beams of light, blinding Sakura and Kero.

When the light was over, the clow card had vanished. "How did it do that?"

"Mirrors can reflect light and since this is a clow card, it can magnify the light it reflects."

"Grrr... You may have escaped for now Mirror, BUT I WILL FIND YOU!" The clow card hid behind a nearby tree. It dropped one tear to the floor and ran off. "Sleep card! Fix the spell you have cast!" Sakura dashed off toward the dance, leaving Tori behind. He looked around, finding no one.

"Natasha?" he whispered.


"I'm very impressed with how you handled that card, Sakura, even if you didn't capture it."

"Well, Kero, I'm kind of depressed. I know that card wants to hurt Tori again. I'm just wondering how come I couldn't capture it last night."

"Love, Sakura."


"Love is stronger than magic. Apparently the Mirror is in love with your brother, Tori."

"Does this mean I can't capture it?"

"Only if the card will give itself up to you. I know you can do it, Sakura."

"Well, I'll find a way some -- Kero, I can feel its presence here in the house!"

"All right! Sounds like it's going to give itself up already!"


"Tori?" Tori looked up from his table. "How did you get in?"

"I went through the window." Natasha looked sadly into his eyes. "I want to tell you how sorry I am for leaving you at the dance."

"Yea, you should apologize."

"I am sorry, Tori, it was an emergency."

"Well, what was it?"

"Tori, you're sweet. I cannot lie to you, but I cannot tell you. You would not understand."

"Just tell me."

"I can't. Just kiss for now." Tori kissed Natasha and mysteriously she vanished.

"WHERE IS SHE!" Sakura barged into Tori's room.

"Where's who? Natasha? She just... I think she left?"

"Darn it!" Sakura slammed the door so hard, three of Tori's pictures fell off the wall.

Natasha went walking in the park with sadness. "I can't hide from my Mistress forever can I?" She watched as children played. "I would miss my freedom. But I cannot allow my self to be captured!" Natasha dashed off toward the woods and left.

"Grr!!!" Sakura thrust a pillow into the wall.

"Don't worry, Sakura, you??ll get it. This card may be tricky, though. It can imitate anyone. Any one of your friends can be that Clow Card."

"Oh sure, Kero, put some more pressure on me."

"Remember, just sense the card and you can track it down till then."

"I remember that card was tricky. Do you have another method of using two Clow Cards??"

"None that can be of service now. Just do your thing, but remember, this card seems to be drawn in by Tori."

"I'm going to have to watch for him from now on."

"That's the spirit."


Tori walked to school the next day with Julian while Sakura stayed home because her school was out.

"So how are you and Natasha, Tori?"

"She keeps vanishing. It's kind of creepy, but things are getting along great."

"Well look, there she is walking to school up ahead, you want me to go on?"

"Nah, you could stay if you want."

"Hey, Natasha," they both said as they caught up to her.

"Julian, Tori. How are you guys doing?"

"We're doing fine," spoke Tori.

"That's great to hear." Tori admired her hair as it swayed back and forth as she walked. She seemed to sparkle by the air around her. "You know what, you guys, I'm going to have to go," said Julian. "Don't do anything I would do!" shouted Julian. He cycled over the bend and down toward school.

Natasha smiled at Tori and suddenly she felt a force. "My Lady Mistress," she thought. "Hey, Tori, I'll meet you at school okay?"

"Don't you want to walk to school together?"

"Yea, but I have to make a few stops."

"But school will start in five?"

"Yea, I know, but it'll be quick."

"All right, catch you at school." Natasha waved goodbye and began to transform. Leaves and wind began to circle around her as strands of air circled around her. Suddenly you could not see her. The leaves blocked the view and suddenly the winds died down revealing a bird. She flew away left.

"All right, Tori! Sleep Card! Cause everyone here to fall asl-- Tori? Darn it! She got away again!"

"I am sorry, your Mistress," whispered the bird. She flew off and headed toward the high school.


"Don't worry, Sakura." Madison came by carrying some Sprite and coffee cake. "You'll get her next time."

"Usually finding the cards, they don't run away."

"Well, I've been studding mirrors since this incident appeared. They say that it is light reflecting off of it. If we could somehow get it in pure darkness, you could probably capture it."

"And how am I supposed to do that? Stick her in a broom closet? I'm supposed to somehow get her to give herself up. This whole thing is caused by Tori. If Tori could fall in love with another, maybe he'll leave the Mirror."

"So what do you think we should do?"

"The illusion card sounds good. It could create a beautiful girl that'll sweep him of his feet."

"Wow, that's a good idea. You'll make a great Cardcaptor, Madison."


"Do you think I should try it now?"

"Wait till he gets home. I'll be with you all the way."


Tori came home that night after he dropped off Natasha. He kissed her good night and went up to his doorstep.

"Okay, here we go Sakura."

"Illusion! Create the perfect girl Tori will date!"

The illusion grew into a shape of a woman but yet all Sakura and Madison could see was the kaleidoscope image. Tori opened the door and with wild eyes saw a gorgeous girl before him.

"Hey Tori, this is my friend... er -- Jenny."

"Hi." Tori began to talk to the image while Sakura and Madison heard only Tori's voice answering to nobody. "Thanks, I have been working out, I guess. Excuse me, but I kind of have a lot of homework to do. I'll see you around, then. Later, Squirt."

The illusion suddenly faded with anger that its creation wasn't good enough to catch the eyes of a mere mortal.

"This may be harder than it seems," said Sakura.

"Well, maybe we make the illusion make a fake Natasha for Tori while also giving another boy to Natasha?"

"It may work, Madison. It just may work."

To Be Continued...



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